Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 20 City of Time results of 55 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for City of Time.

#1 18.2%
You're Fei! You are a genius. You can do anything in the areas of academics, and are the leader in your group of intellectuals. You enjoy school greatly, and only like to ski as a sport because you can calculate the slope of the mountain while you're at it for extra practice. You find jocks annoying-- most of them are stupid or obsessed with shopping.
#2 14.5%
You're Kinoto! You are a kind person who is nice to girls and maybe a bit of a playboy. You are very athletic and a proud member of the "jock" clique, and although the extremely smart Fei finds you annoying, Kay, ever the sports person, finds you very interesting even though you are an incurable goofball. Too bad she hasn't found out that you have 10 other friends which are girls yet. I can't wait to see your face after she's finished with you.
#3 9.1%
You're Hinoto! You are very serious and responsible, and also extremelyefficient. You know exactly what needs to be done and execute the procedure at once in a sophisticated style. However, you have frequent mood swings from stress and lack of sleep, and could be described as a mild workaholic.
#4 7.3%
You're the Mage! You are sinister, manipulative, and an evil mastermind. You are good at taking advantage of other people's feelings, and want to use your powers to make Arcadia and the City of Time your own.
#5 5.5%
You're Kanoto! Although you are nothing on the mage, you are very malicious and know how to manipulate people to your own gain. You have excellent persuasive skills, even though they aren't always for good deeds. To put it in short, if you went to Hogwarts, your house would definitely be Slytherin.
#6 5.5%
You're Mizunoto! You are very kind and do not like to hurt anything living, from a single animal cell to an elephant, but there is another side of you which is very scary in an insane sort of way. You have a very sensitive mind, and your breaking point is much lower the breaking points of others.
#7 3.6%
You're >Hotohori! You are fairminded and smart. You think it is your responsibility to assist the Mage, but in truth you despise his cunning, cruel ways and dislike advising him.
#8 3.6%
You're Kinoe! You take things seriously and are a model follower in your group. You are obedient although not completely docile, and very, very loyal to your leaders. You always keep your promises, and people can trust you to do what you say you will do.
#9 3.6%
You're Tuchinoto! You are very quiet and speak only when absolutely necessary, and although it seems like you don't accept people, you are just bad at making your emotions into words and can be frank at times.
#10 1.8%
You're Amefuri! Your brother was killed by Kinoto, and you support the mage for revenge. This loss has changed you greatly, and now you are constantly mourning or brooding, visiting your brother's grave or devising plans to avenge his death.
#11 1.8%
You're Amibosi! You are very logical, almost overly practical because you do not care what you lose as long as it helps you reach your goal.
#12 1.8%
You're Nuriko! You are a daring and pretty girl with a reckless attitude and look. You know you are being taken advantage of by the mage, but are devoted to him as well as sticking up for women's rights.
#13 1.8%
You're Kay! You are the wizard of all sports, a Magician of Athletics, the Master of the Olympics. You are smart, but school really isn't your thing. Besides, why sit in a stuffy classroom all day when you could be out playing tennis or baseball?
#14 1.8%
You're Mizunoe! You are timid and meek, and have little self-confidence, but very naive, and you sometimes do surprising things in your innocence.
#15 1.8%
You're Subaru! You are calm and graceful, like a young swan, and a bit of a playboy, but less so than Kinoto. You are very elegant and always look balanced and relaxed while being good-looking at the same time.
#16 1.8%
You're Tuchinoe! You seem to be a very happy person on the outside, always smiling, but you have a larger personal bubble than most, and you tend not to let people to close to you. You aren't selfish, but you are very protective of yourself and the hands-to-yourself classroom rule is a universal rule to you.
#17 1.8%
You're Hikitsu! You love war. You live for fights and bloodshed, and are very violent. You do stupid things in the name of fighting in vain, and try to persuade the mage to start a war but fail.
#18 1.8%
You're Hinoe! You are easy-going and most people like you, but you get things done efficiently. You are a wonderful leader and are good at encouraging and inspiring people. You treat everyone with respect, and most people do what you say.
#19 1.8%
You're Kanoe! You like to hang out with the opposite sex and you're a bit of a playboy, but intelligent all the same and on top of things. You always know what you are doing and are reliable.
#20 1.8%
You're Tamahome! In Hogwarts you would be a, well...stupid Slytherin. You seek for strength and power, and the mage whom you work for takes advantage of this hunger to make you think you will be strong with him.

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