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Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Final Fantasy villain are you?.

#1 13.8%
X-Death (FF5) You have returned to use your enemies' own powers against them.
#2 10.0%
Maester Kinoc (FF10) Before, a respectable warrior monk. Now, a maester with questionable motives.
#3 9.1%
Gilgamesh (FF5) You are complicated. A lacky? A wimp? Or just confused as to your purpose in life?
#4 7.7%
Chaos (FF1) You're evil, plain and simple.
#5 7.4%
Lady Yunalesca (FF10) Worshipped by all humanity, only to reveal yourself as a cruel taker of life.
#6 6.8%
Leon (FF2) Once, you were a loyal friend. However, since you've gone missing...
#7 6.7%
Seifer (FF8) You're a confused young man, who does whatever it takes to win.
#8 6.3%
Maester Seymour (FF10) Never accepted by humanity, now is your chance to "cleanse" (AKA destroy) the world.
#9 5.4%
Kuja (FF9) You have the power to destory entire civilizations... but will you regret doing so later on?
#10 4.8%
Shuyin (FF10-2) You mean no harm. Who are you? You look familiar...
#11 3.5%
Leblanc (FF10-2) If you don't get your way, you're pissed. That's not good.
#12 3.2%
Kefka (FF6) Conniving, scheming, greedy... Simply put, you love hating (and laughing at your own jokes).
#13 2.6%
Ultimecia (FF8) You are a terrifying witch, capable of wielding unbelievable power.
#14 1.9%
Emperor Gestahl (FF6) You've made some big mistakes, and it may be too late to apologize.
#15 1.8%
Emperor (FF2) Power is pretty awesome, isn't it?
#16 1.8%
Golbez (FF4) You are a master manipulator and a natural born leader... not a good combination.
#17 1.7%
Garland (FF9) You fail to understand that others' lives are important, too.
#18 1.3%
Queen Brahne (FF9) You were never so power-hungry before. What's happened to you?
#19 1.1%
Sephiroth (FF7) You were a hero... now you're the planet's biggest threat.
#20 1.0%
Zemus (FF4) You are invincible...almost.
#21 0.8%
Hojo (FF7) People would rather die than have you experiment on them...
#22 0.6%
President Rufus (FF7) You think controlling the world with fear will keep it safe.
#23 0.4%
Jenova (FF7) You came to the planet simply to absorb its life. Sephiroth's madness is for you and because of you.
#24 0.1%
Sin (FF10) Your existence is because of the sins of humanity.
#25 0.0%
Vegnagun (FF10-2) You are a giant mechanical abomination, with no feelings for human life.

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