Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 8 Angels of Asgard, Palatinus, Kion, Land of Dominion or ?? results of 6 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Angels of Asgard, Palatinus, Kion, Land of Dominion or ??.

#1 50.0%
Angels of Asgard: Ow, you are an angel. Congratulations, but badly augury is for your nation.
#2 16.7%
Ghreak: Once successful, now in decay. You are thinking that's bad, but you are able to stop it.
#3 16.7%
Kion: Golden kingdom, full of wealth. Your ambition is the way to achieve the success.
#4 16.7%
Palatinus: Land of freedom, but dominated for years. Are you able to stop the slavery?
#5 0.0%
Demons: You're an evil thing. And your best way to play this game is been an evil thing
#6 0.0%
Land of Dominion: Are you Hector, beacuse Hector is the most_evil_being in this game.
#7 0.0%
Lodis: Venerable theocracy, servants of God. Your tradicionalism and moral strenght are able rule over an entire empire.
#8 0.0%
You sucks, and is better than you don't play this game never

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