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#1 66.7%
Angelique La Beale - My main character, Angelique is the quiet-and-shy type, and a little clumsy. However, she is an extremely caring girl, who will gladly treat meanness with kindness. She doesn’t talk too much and could care less about what goes on around her, or what other people think of her. Angelique doesn't know that Soul Edge is evil, and is on a quest to find it to prove herself to others. Her job is a dancer, and she wields Tambourines.
#2 16.7%
Lacey - an independent young girl who wants to prove herself to her father. She often thinks her father babies her around too much, expects too much from her, and is overprotective, and she yearns for an opportunity to prove that she can take care of herself. Lacey is an intelligent girl and can think for herself, not relying on others to decide for her. She doesn't know anything about Soul Edge or Soul Calibur. Lacey’s job is a pirate and she wields Chinese Sword.
#3 16.7%
Tarquin Bearheart - A rather sweet-natured young man, with qualities like your dream knight - friendly, helpful, brave, a strong leader, carefree, and gentle with those he does not know. He is a friend of Sheridan, but will walk away as soon as Sheridan starts insulting his sister, or doing something incredibly stupid. Tarquin isn't really afraid of anything - especially speaking his mind in times of conflict. He is very good at giving advice. He wanders after Angelique after she leaves on her journey to find Soul Edge, as soon as he learns it is evil, so he can stop her. Tarquin’s job is a gladiator, and he wields Sword and Shield.
#4 0.0%
Drucilla Alfieri- a pirate in training, Drucilla can be short-tempered and sometimes a little stern. Her eyes are full of vengeance (did I spell that right? o_O) because Nightmare killed her parents. Because of this, she is determined to destroy Soul Edge and Nightmare, to complete her revenge. Sometimes, she is cheerful and friendly, and can have a sense of humor when she wants. However, she gets lonely quite often, because she really misses her parents. (She sort of sounds like a female version of Maxi...) Drucilla’s job is a pirate, and she wields Chinese Sword.
#5 0.0%
Sheridan La Beale - Angelique's older and jealous brother, Sheridan is very competitive and strives to be better than his sister. He has an ego bigger than his head, and will poke fun at his sister to try and embarrass her at every opportunity he gets. He likes to show off as much as he can. While it may seem Sheridan’s a cruel soul on the outside, there is still a part of him that yearns for the better for his sister. Like Angelique, Sheridan doesn't know that Soul Edge is evil - he just wants to obtain it before his sister gets to it. His job is a dancer and he wields tambourines.

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