Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 6 Lupin The III Selector results of 14 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Lupin The III Selector.

#1 42.9%
You are a citizen. Go home. Crime is not for you. Nor is crime fighting.
#2 28.6%
Geomon, are you just along for the adventure, you must be one board git. You come from an honerable background and spend your free time comming up with these randome Zen Zinggers. Your the wizest and most modest because you dont rub anything in.
#3 21.4%
Jegin, you have skills, why in the devil are you associating with this lot when you could be working for a modestly large ammount as a body gaurd? Or perhaps your too drunk to see that. Otherwize your rather dependable and loyal.
#4 7.1%
Fujiko, Your the darling of the lot, and must in some way swindle them all out of their hard "earned" money. Or perhaps you betray them because your working for someone else?
#5 0.0%
Lupin, you are the brain of the outfit, and find it a must to constantly come up with some insane gameplan to "hit it big"
#6 0.0%
Zenigata, your not neccisarily honest but you avoid ever truly captureing Lupin, or only capturing Lupin so the others may bust him out. If you were ever to truly reach your supposed goal you would be out of a job as Lupin constantly brings you right to more potentialy dangerious criminals. Your genuine and caring.

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