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Which Past US President Is The Best?

SelectSmart.com SelectSmart.comAnswer the following questions to learn which US president is your ideal American head of state. The questions and results to this selector quiz are based upon the research and assessments of historians and psychologists, and upon other data.

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1. Upon entering office, how old would your ideal president be?
Check any or all age groups.
35 to 45 years old
46 to 49 years old
50 to 55 years old
56 to 59 years old
60 to 64 years old
65 years old and older

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

2. How much political experience would your ideal president have?
The presidential average in political experience is about 13 years.
More than average political experience is preferred. There should be no on-the-job training in the Oval Office!
Less than average political experience is preferred. Some experience, yes, but the less exposure to politics, the better.
No political experience, but military leadership at the highest level. The title is Commander-in-chief, after all.
Neither political or military experience. A business background preferred
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

3. Would you like a president who served in America's military?
No, it's not a requirement for the job.
Yes, having military experience is a sobering influence when deciding matters of peace and war.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

4. How much education would your ideal president have?
Note: schooling was more informal and less accessible in early America. Public high schools and colleges were rare to non-existent. Check any, all or none.
Self taught. Some of these autodidacts became lawyers and well-educated without the benefit of schooling.
Graduated from high school.
Attended college.
Graduated from college.
Attended graduate school
Graduated from grad school.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

5. What should a good a president do domestically?
More domestic accomplishments preferred. A good president should be an activist.
Fewer domestic accomplishments preferred. "Accomplishments" means more laws passed.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

6. Which side of the self-confidence level scale is your ideal president?
Researchers found that, on average, presidents are more narcissistic than the average American. Moreover, the level of grandiose narcissism in presidents has increased in recent decades.
The more humble, the better.
The more confident, the better.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

7. What about presidential height?
Taller presidents preferred. They command more respect.
Shorter presidents preferred. They can relate better to the "little guy".
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

8. Problem solving approach. Which do you prefer?
More philosophical presidents preferred. It's a plus for a president to be curious, inquisitive and broadminded when looking for solutions.
More pragmatic presidents preferred. There is a danger of succumbing to paralysis by analysis.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

9. Presidential relations with Congress?
I prefer presidents who have good relations with Congress.
I prefer a fighter who isn't afraid to take on Congress...even if it leads to leads to strained relationships.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

10. International relations?
I like a president who is good at world affairs.
America first! I don't need a president who is worried about what foreigners think.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

11. Vision: Setting an agenda?
I like a president is good at setting a vision and establishing an agenda.
Vision, shmision! Presidents with an agenda are generally trouble.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

12. Should the president be a compromiser?
Yes, the ability to compromise and adapt is an asset.
No, a president should not compromise. It's better to stick to one's guns than make concessions.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

13. Should the president pursue social equality?
Yes, a president should pursue equal justice for all.
No, I prefer a president who isn't a social engineer.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

14. Should the president be charismatic?
Yes, a president should have that force of personality and charm that inspires people.
No. Charisma can be dangerous as it is emotionally manipulating.
No preference

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

15. Popularity and electoral success.
Entered office by winning a more of the popular vote than any opponent.
Won re-election or a term in their own right.
Defeated an incumbent president to win their election.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

16. Lightning Round Quickly select a few of the qualities and traits you believe good president should have.
Scoring based on the assessment of historians including Siena's Presidential Expert Poll (Biden not yet included in their ranking).
Willing to take risks
Executive ability
Leadership ability
Communication ability
Overall ability
Party leadership
Made good court appointments
Good handling of economy
Made good executive appointments
Positive domestic accomplishments
Positive foreign policy accomplishments
Avoided crucial mistakes
Good in a crisis situation
Enthusiastic, spirited, vivacious, and zestful
Inscrutable, complex and deep
Good decision makeing even under adversity.
A moral authority. Command respect by virtue of their conduct and character.
Dominating and demanding of others; not afraid to use flattery or manipulation to accomplish goals.
Self-motivated and industrious
Open, warm and self-disclosing
Uninhibited, unrestrained, and unpredictable
Focused, persistent and tenacious

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