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Which Historical Figure Were You In A Past Life?
SelectSmart.comWho in the pantheon of influential and notorious people from world history shares your traits, habits and foibles?

Reincarnation may or may not be real. Regardless, you may have a lot in common with the famous person on the top of your list on the results page. Answer these questions to find out who. Caveat: There is no such thing as a real psychic, psychic power, psychic tests, spiritual psychic, psychic readers, online psychics, psychic readings, etc. We certainly are not!

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Historical Figures

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1. Which of these are you?
I'm a thinker
I'm a doer
I'm a talker
I'm a wanderer

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

2. Which describes your temperament?
Mild mannered
Calm and collected
Good humored

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

3. To what do you attribute your success?
My family. I'm the product of good lineage.
Me. I'm a self-made man (or woman).
I was born well and got better from there.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

4. What is your view of religion?
Take it
Leave it
Change it

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

5. What are your work habits?
I'm a specialist. I focus on just one thing and do it really well.
I'm a generalist. I'm a jack of all trades, or at least more than one trade.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

6. What sort of problems are you good at?
Problems that require my inventive, creative solutions.
Problems that can be solved with my persuasive abilities.
Problems that can be solved with telekinesis and by violating the laws of physics.
Problems that can be solved with strategy.
Problems that be solved with scheming.
Problems that be solved with my piety.
Problems that are really complex, that none of my peers can solve.
Problems that require study.
Problems that require my showy display of power and ability to kick butt.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

7. Who are your words and deeds more likely to benefit?

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

8. Which describes you best?
I'm a female and/or very in touch with my feminine side.
I'm a male and/or very in touch with my masculine side
I'm a male who happens to appreciate show tunes, interior design, fashion and interpretative dance.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

9. As a kid, where were you likely to play?
On the other team's side

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

10. What sort of ideas are you most likely to have?
Outside-the-box ideas that others don't generally understand or appreciate.
Innovative ideas that others usually like.
Since they are my ideas they must be good, so I make other people like them.

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

11. In which class are you likely to excel?
Math class
Science class
Social studies class
Geography class
Language arts
Art class
Music class
Religion class
Gym class

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

12. When people mention your appetite, what are they talking about?
My hearty appetite for food
My formidable appetite for power
My strong appetite for knowledge
My constant appetite for self-improvement
My robust appetite for justice
My appetite for riches
My voracious sexual appetite

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

13. What do people say you are?
An early bloomer
A late bloomer
A bloomin' genius
A person who wears bloomers

Prioritize your choice above:
Low Priority High Priority

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