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By amirah
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1. Northerners wanted a higher tariff on forge in goods, Southerners did not like this so they purchased goods from Britan (bad for northerners)
2. Congress passed a heavy protective tariff to get Americans to buy local goods. Tariff was on imported manufactured goods. (1828)
3. John C. Calhoun wrote "South Carolina Exposition and Protest" saying the tariff could be deemed null and void.

6. Calhoun was upset so he resigned from office to stand for election of the Senate instead.
5. Jackson took long to establish tariff reform but Tariff act of 1832 is passed under his presidency.
4. Andrew Jackson becomes president based off of his views on "tariff reform."

7. Calhoun wins the election and passes the Oridance of Nullication which made collecting tariffs illegal in the state of South Carolina.
8. Robert Hayne adds to the Ordiance by saying a state may leave the union in a "last resort."
9. Daniel Webster (Massachusetts senator) gives a speech defending the Federal Goverment says "Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable."

12. The Force Act is passed in 1833 and a compromise tariff is effective which calms Southerners.
11. Jackson asserts the power of the tariff and denied any state to prevent enforcement of any federal laws. (December 10, 1832)
10. While the Tariff of 1832 is passed, Calhoun fights for an economy based on slavery and calls for nullification doctrine.