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How do I Calculate/Explain the Fees?

It is time to Calculate your Fee.
If you have received an error "Refund Options - Form invalid with Advance - Form 1310, 8862, 4684, 8379, 4852 ,8863 Your Client is NOT ELIGIBLE to APPLY for the Cash Advance.
Know your worth!
Use the Fee Scheduled Provided to You, or the Flat Rate charged.
Remember you training of Pricing Effectively and with Confidence!

When you get to the fees page, DON'T ASK the client this yet, but simply select the "RT Direct Deposit" from the drop down menu.
Check the box for "Does the taxpayer want a State RAC for this return." This means the State Refund will be funded the same as the Federal Refund.
Always select E-File from the drop down for BOTH the federal & state.
Where it says "Office Adjustment," put in a minus sign (-)/or addition (+) and the amount you want to deduct/add to amount shown to set your desired fee.
EXAMPLE: If the tax prep fee comes up as $1,000 & you want your fees to be $750 then you would input minus (-) $250.  The client will only see the $750 figure on their fee schedule they will sign at the end.

Audit Defense is listed as "Document Fee"
Audit Defense Protection is required for all Schedule C taxpayers and EIC (Earned Income Credit).
To deduct the Audit Defense (for those whom it is not required, and they do not wish to have this protection): In the blank space type "Audit Defense" and for the amount enter the minus sign (-) and the amount listed for Document fee.

Adding LegalShield:
In the blank space type "LegalShield" and for the amount enter the addition sign (+) and the amount for the plan selected + $10 processing fee.
If annual, multiply the monthly amount by 12, and add the $10 processing fee.
If monthly, it is suggested they member pay 3 months in advance. Multiply the monthly by 3, and add the $10 processing fee.
IMPORTANT: Have the client fill out the LegalShield forms provided.

Tell the Client their REFUND amount deposited into their account:
"Your refund in, after fees, enter your account is $____, how would you like your money? You can also opt to pay out-of-pocket if you'd like."