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Original FictionPlotting for Nano
By Duskwitch
Category: Original Fiction. Viewed 292 times. Created November 2015.     Disclaimer.   
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Trying to visualize the plot of my book.

First dream, meeting Starsilk.
Taralyn introduction and first day of school. Meets Umeko and Etsu. Jamie also introduced, with her friends. Mopes over Lily.
Hazel tells about her college lyfe, ex. Siofra. Suggests Taralyn could use piano in music building (sadly unrealistic but maybe siofra pulled strings. Heh.) (Continues keeping up with Lily as she can.)
Taralyn composing her song. Runs into person from dream WUT. So, Lorcan. Also Callum.
Family trip to T.Tower. Hazel "runs into" Sio and Callum. And Lorcan!

Takeshita-dori that sunday with Umeko. Meet Etsu as her real self. Run into Lorcan, have tea. "Oh btw I'm bffs with Togeya. >.>" [bi the way]
Toge-sama's concert, with Lorcan, Etsu, and Taralyn. Sadly Umeko was helping obaasan. Meet Togeya. Etsu tells a thing re her voice. Togeya wants to talk to Lor privately because Tamasin disappeared again. (Lorcan seems down after this. His depression acting up.)
Next Tara tells Etsu and Ume about her dreams. By now(?) Starsilk has told her he's lorcan but can't prove that in the real world because he doesn't remember. Mention of the curse.
Ume offers to help with her witch powers. Message from Aeth. Tara has been dreaming of her too, like she's trying to tell her something.
Tara's friends or maybe Zia say "well you could just...ask them directly." (Was told in vague terms if Zia, but she totally knows. She's a meguca, and was asked by tara's fae parents to take care of her.)

TaraLor talk. "Yes I am a [mumbles] vampire prince. ;>.>" Tells Tara a bit about Arlael.
Tara updates the Tar--the Umesquad. Soon after, it's croooow time. Ume's like "I can handle this" and transforms. First meguca in their team. OKAY WHAT DO THE REST OF YOU KNOW. (Ume and Etsu relay their own otherworldly happenings.)
Ume--was told/given trinket by [blank] and [this is what rest of team can do to follow]. Meguca trinket hunt?
Etsu finds hers. Prtect someone she loves?
Gazebo in the rain scene. Umelyn commences! In odd totally different echo of original version of this scene, Ume tells Tara to run from a threat she'll handle because tara's not magical yet.

Meet Raven for coffee. Yusss. Goddess has some advice.