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By Ajay Agrawal
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new job received
job saved on server
job sheet prepared and passed to varsha
Varsha - to create job on intervals
when creating job on interval, please add resources like job manager

Reviewer - to review the job, complete job sheet and if any review points, pass the job back to preparer for completing
Preparer - once the job is complete, pass the job sheet to reviewer. Ensure to complete job sheet including the back page
Varsha to pass the job sheet to the preparer
After managers planning, update budget on intervals and add resources only as per planning - Varsha
after job created on intervals, pass to the manager for planning

Preparer to update the job and pass the job for final review
Reviewer - to approve the job and pass the job for QC, print Area, and for posting on client system (subject to time). If time is available, posting to be done first and then QC.
preparer to send email to Ajay for chargeable approval. Approval received. If approval not received, send the job without chargeable
send the job with approved chargeable
Complete the job sheet and pass to Varsha

Varsha to update intervals and prepare for invoicing