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▷ ▶ Key Events Leading Up to WW1 free Weaponry flowcharts and decision trees.
WeaponryKey Events Leading Up to WW1
By Emma Crosher
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This flow chart is about the events leading up to the start of World War 1.

19 April 1839 - This document guaranteed that France, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Great Britain would recognize Belgium as an independent and neutral country
18 January 1871 - The German Empire is created out of Prussia after the Franco-Prussian War.
7 October 1879 - The Austro-German treaty is signed in Vienna
28 June 1881 - Austria-Hungary make an alliance with Serbia.
20 March 1882 - The Triple Alliance secret agreement between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

1 November 1884 - Tsar Nicholas was crowned king of Russia.
15 June 1888 - Wilhelm II becomes Emperor of Germany.
1889 to 1913 - The British and the Germans start to look to improve their naval fleets.
4 Jun 1894 - The Franco-Russian Alliance is signed.
22 January 1901 - Queen Victoria dies. King George V takes over.

30 July 1904 - The Russo-Japanese War occurs. Japan destroys Russia's fleets and humiliates them.
1 November 1912 - The Anglo-French Naval Agreement is signed.
4 March 1913 - Woodrow Wilson sworn in as US president.
28 June 1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary assassinated in Sarajevo by a Serbian activist.