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A Flowchart by chamratcliff. See chamratcliff's 4me blog page.
Viewed 186 times. Created March 2015.
This Business flowchart, a free online decision tool is a creation of chamratcliff and for amusement purposes only. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.
By chamratcliff
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what to say to a buyer

Internet lead? Sign call?

Internet A. HI (first name), this is Chambers Ratcliff. I'm up to get you the info you requested on our ad. what info are you looking for? Great, let me get that for you.>>>>>>> B. While Iím pulling up the information, let me ask, are you currently working with an agent?
-Sign Call>>>>>>>> -A. Hi [use their first name], this is [name]. Iím returning your call regarding [property address]. >>>>>>>>>>If you take the call directly, you can say: Hi [use their first name], this is [name]. Youíre calling about [property address], is that correct? What information are you looking for? Great, let me get that for you.