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Jude 1:6
We are all spirit children of Heavenly Father, and dwelt with Him. He presented a plan whereby we could be tried/ tested, gain physical bodies and become more like Him.
Jude 1:6

Those who KEPT their first estate. (Choose right in the pre-earth life.) Are BORN, and will be RESURRECTED.
2/3 of us chose to come to earth, be born, with a veil over our memories, live by faith, choose to follow Jesus' plan. Will be resurrected.
1/3 chose to follow Lucifer, who became Satan, and those were cast out with him to earth. -No bodies.
Those who KEPT NOT their first estate. (Choice in the pre-earth life.) They are NOT BORN on earth.

Those who now and will continue to KEEP their first estate. Abraham 3:26
Those who now and continue to in the choice to look up to the goodness of Jesus' teachings.
Those who, on earth and after, decide and continue in the choice NOT to follow Jesus.
Those who now and continue to KEEP NOT their first estate. Abraham 3:26

The Celestial Kingdom for those who before the Judgement choose to follow Jesus and Heavenly Father completely, are cleansed, sanctified, and are valiant in their lives and testimonies eternally.
...and they who keep their second estate shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever." (Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:26)
Good folk, but not valiant, who are resurrected unto the Terrestrial Kingdom to dwell where Christ is King, but not in the presence of Heavenly Father.
Resurrected to the telestial kingdom. Dwell not in the presence of Heavenly Father, nor Jesus.

Administered by Jesus and Heavenly Father.This is where They dwell.
Administered by Jesus Christ.
Administered unto by the Holy Ghost.