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▷ ▶ All About Venus Fly Traps free Science & Nature flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by lorigallelli. See lorigallelli's 4me blog page.
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Science & NatureAll About Venus Fly Traps
By lorigallelli
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What does a Venus Fly Trap like to eat? What kinds of stimuli does the Venus Fly Trap respond to? Does the Venus Fly Trap like sunlight or does it prefer shade? How long does it take a Venus Fly Trap to trap its food?

Does the Venus Fly Trap like living crickets? Does the Venus Fly Trap like dead crickets?
When the living cricket was caught the Fly Trap closed its mouth on it within seconds!
It took 3 days for the cricket to digest completely.
Does the Venus Fly Trap like raw ground beef?
It took 2 seconds for the plant to close its mouth on the meat.


The plant needed "encouraging" to trap the dead cricket
The cricket was never completely digested.
That particular shoot ended up dying with the cricket still in its mouth.

Does the Venus Fly Trap like Light? Does the Venus Fly Trap prefer shade?
The Venus Fly Trap prefers 12 hours of sunlight.
The plant stays green and healthy when in direct light.


When kept in a darker area the plant started to droop and turn brown.

Did the Venus Fly Trap respond to being "tickled?"
When the plant was "tickled" with a Q-Tip soaked in olive oil it closed its mouth slightly.



When "tickled" lightly with a toothpick the plant did not respond.
When the plant was tickled with a Q-Tip soaked in vinegar it did nothing.