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EducationBills in the State of Washington
By Charlie Hooper
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Members of the House of Representatives can prefile a bill one month before House session begins.
The bill is then brought to the floor to be read for the first time.
The bill is then brought to a committee that publicizes the bill and tells people about it.
The committee then sends the bill's report to a Rules Committee which presents the report to the floor which is usually accepted by the floor.
The Rules Committee then reviews the bill again in order to pass it on to the next step.


The bill then goes for a second reading by the House. This step usually happens about two weeks after the bill is brought to the committee.
If the previous step went well, then the bill goes in for a third and final reading. The House will then vote on the bill and consider weather or not to send the bill to the governor.
The governor then reviews the bill and decides weather or not to veto the bill. If he decides to veto the bill, it is then sent back to the House for a vote to override the bill.