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By mugwompmb
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Incoming Fax /Call or Email

Product Line is I/O?
If Yes then the CSR can process the quote or order


If No, it will need to be sent to Sales/Inside sales to quote

Sales/Inside Sales will quote and enter this quote into Sage100

CSR receives the purchase order, does it match the quote?
if yes, then CSR places the order and sends a PO to Verl for the items


if No, then CSR sends the customers PO to Sales/Inside sales to follow up with customer and get a revised PO , then CSR will place order on Verl
Print out the Verl PO, and follow up with Verl if you do not have a response within 3 days with an eta
once you get an eta from Verl, look and verify if that date is within our standard lead-times. PC, CP, CX within 3-4 weeks, Motors drives within 4-6 weeks
if yes, then communicate this eta with the customer and copy in sales/inside sales


if no, communicate this with sales/ inside sales only & they will expedite & work w/ the PM's to verify info and dates.
once eta is worked out then communicate with the customer
1 week prior to the proposed ETA please verify that it is on schedule. IF not communicate this with the Sales/inside sales