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Science & NatureRube Goldberg flow chart
By dchern
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18 steps to wake up with a Rube Goldberg Machine.

1.) The sunís solar energy turns the potential electrical energy in the solar powered car to kinetic mechanical energy.
2.) The car goes down a ramp, which increases the carís kinetic energy.
3.) The carís kinetic energy pushes over a domino, which transfers kinetic energy to the other dominos.
4.) Standing dominos have a high center of gravity, which helps them transfer potential energy to kinetic energy and makes all of the dominos fall.
5.) Dominos push the hockey puck off the table with kinetic energy.

6.) The hockey puck falls, its weight has enough kinetic energy to pull a magnetic pole from a steel ball.
7.) The steel ballís potential centrifugal energy transfers to kinetic centrifugal energy. The steel ball hits the dominos.
8.) Dominos push a golf ball through a tube with kinetic energy.
9.) The golf ball increases its kinetic energy down the ramp.
10.) The golf ball lands on a lever.

11.) The lever lifts the load which is a Newtonís Cradle ball.
12.) The Newtonís Cradle ball transfers its energy to the last ball on the chain.
13.) The Newtonís Cradle knocks over a block with kinetic energy.
14.) The block lands in a cup, then the cup goes down, which operates a pulley.
15.) The pulley pulls an arm up.

16.) The arm swings down and pops the balloon.
17.) The balloon, once popped, uses three forms of energy to wake me up: elastic, sound, and air pressure.
18.) The balloon releases a note that says, "Wake up."