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A Flowchart by burpee41401. See burpee41401's 4me blog page.
Viewed 140 times. Created February 2014.
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BusinessFinancial Assistance Process
By burpee41401
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Financial Assistance Application received

Encounters in Soarian & NextGen documented that application was received
Applications are filed in Financial Assistance office only. During non business hours and/or when Financial Assistance Staff are not present, the office is locked to ensure applications are secured.
Applications processed in order in which received (within 2 weeks) Dental Center Applications Processed First
Approved Applications
All applicable balances adjusted to $0

In Soarian Approval is set up in Maintain Charity Care defining dates and poverty level indicator is marked Financial Aid Approved
In NextGen, Alert is placed at Chart level defining approval term and insurance plan is created defining effective and termination dates of approval. Insurance plan is attached to all encounters pending payer processing
Approval card &/or Letter is typed and signed by Financial Assistance Staff
Approval, Processing Cover Sheet and application are scanned to Patient's Medical Record level in EDM
Approval mailed to Patient & Application with documentation is shredded