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Business Objectives In 2014 our goals are focused on increased interactions, building our brand and increasing revenue as a result. 1. We want to share Dello Mano products with more people, and increase our customer interaction through a variety of events and corporate partnerships, and offer our customers a VIP type of experience. 2. Dello Mano wants to continue to offer tailored products its clients, and bring the magic to more people and places. By building on our reputation through WOM and using online content marketing we hope to achieve these goals and further develop the business. 3. Our services and products must promote Dello Manos’ values: QUALITY, BEAUTY, LOVE, AND PASSION 4. We also want to increase profitability without sacrificing our hand-made philosophy. Everyone should enjoy our products and our goal is to reach as many people as possible.

Wedding cakes and Favours Dello Mano brownies are enjoyed because they use quality ingredients, are uniquely beautiful, are handmade and taste fantastic. At Dello Mano, we pride ourselves on creating unique wedding cakes using our brownies as the foundation and your dream cake as the goal.
Does this style of even/product or service develop the brand of Dello Mano?
This product/service is aligned with the brand values, Q, B , L, P and has a direct link back to brownies, as the cakes are themed around the brownie style, and wedding are all about love, passion, and quality. Brand awareness is increased at each event where product is used.
what are the costs involved with this product?
This service requires direct marketing through weddings expos, with flyers, business cards website updates on options available content marketing to increase trust in service social media updates to alert/boost interactions with audience face to face meetings Ingredients packaging chef to bake cakes Delivery to venue

What is our unique postioning statement?
Target market is Brisbane wide and may be offered to surrounding cities if required. This market is year round and is a constant demand based on the popularity of this event. This service can be offered to several customers each week with the current staff employed by the business. the age group of this cusotmer is similar to the group who purchase brownies and go to the cafe. The target market is web savvy and therefore can be targeted via online marketing too.
what is the target market? Is it big enough to add value to the business and meet sales objectives?
Wedding Cakes/Favours and Wedding style events are closely aligned to the brand values. They showcase the core business porduct - brownies in a forum where the client will appreciate the final porduct. The business has the staff/resources to provide this service regularly. This market is growing in Brisbane and is a great opportunity to increase word of mouth in this product.
What are the benefits from selling this product or providing this service?

Dello Mano will stand by the quality of its product, and skilled staff, but will always tailor its events for the customer. This is a stegnth of the service on offer. The brownies are a unique product and are already extremely popular, so this is a selling point for wedding that want to offer the best quality cake but also want to reflect their own taste.
How will we reach customers? what are our communication channels?
WOM will spread the word from previous clients, as this service has been offered for a long time. online via the website online via twitter, facebook accounts face-to-face via the Dello Mano shop
what is the pricing strategy? Will it cover costs associated with this product?
Cakes costs will be determined by the time taken to make, size of cake, the ingredients, if delivery is required. Minimum for Wedding would be $300 - $500. Price per brownie is $3. Decoration, including frosting and construction must be added

what are our key promotion plans for this product or service?

Attend the next wedding Expo to advertise to a new audience.
Create a blog entry which can offer inspiration, information and general interest in weddings. the call to action can be to "If you're interested in learning more about creating a Dello Mano experience at your wedding, contact one of our Special Events consultants to discuss your needs and set up a complimentary planning session." Or “To book a special event immediately, click here.” Or “Watch this video for a more in-depth look at how Dello Mano can help you create the best wedding/special event possible.”
Using, Facebook, Instagram, and twitter get people to post a photo of their idea of #lovebeautypassion. it will create interest in our wedding services, and a competition among followers will increase SEO for the site.
Use Social media to engage, inform, inspire. This is not a sell area, but an outlet to attract interest in our brand and what we value. host a wedding themed night at the cafe to showcase cakes/ wedding favours.
Photo gallery added to the website of previous events and new cakes currently available. This inspires people who may not be aware of this service at Dello Mano.

Cost involved: event collateral, flyers, business cards, display materials, example photo albums, special offers, customer sign up sheet, display cakes. costs to be advised
Cost involved: blog entry written in half a day, a series could take longer and can be scheduled over a couple of weeks in the lead up to an event
Cost involved: 5 posts per day on each medium to instigate interest. Photos must inspire audience to participate in the competition
Cost involved: time allocated to sharing the event via social media. time allocated to set up the room for the event. time to bake sample cakes and displays for the evening.
Cost involved: minimal costs, as photos are taken onsite or from previous events

Rationale: discuss which events will align with the dello mano values and then schedule expose to attend. This will require preparation and time and at least two staff members. however the exposure/brand awareness will increase. Resources can be re-used for future events.
Rationale:schedule and implement Blog entry will add content to the visual interest generated by the photos posted on the website. it is an opportunity to inform customers and give them an insight into the how and why of waht Dello Mano is about.
Rationale: implement regular updates are easy to facilitate/low cost/ and will keep followers informed of the competition and boost interest in our social media pages. Competitions are popular with brides as they are always trying to cus costs for their wedding.
Rationale: Implement Wedding themeed tasing night is perfect to have on a seasonal basis as weddings are year-round. Once every two months would suit most people.
Rationale: Adding new photos to the website will automatically add interest to the wedding service and reassure customers that we are providing this service on a regular basis.