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GovernmentHow A Bill Becomes A Law
By BillToLaw
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Be informed about how a bill becomes a law.

Idea from constituent or lawmaker.
Bill is written and placed in the hopper.
Bill is introduced in either House.
Bill is studied by House committee.
Bill is debated and voted on House floor.

Senate approves bill.
Bill is debated. Filibuster and and cloture may occur in the Senate.
Bill is "reported favorable" to the floor of the Senate.
Senate committee may "mark-up" the bill.
Approved bill is sent to Senate or other House.

Different versions made one by conference committee.
Unified bill debated and voted on by both houses.Bill Passes.
Bill is signed or vetoed by President.
2/3 both houses of congress needed to override veto. Approved bill becomes the Law.