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How-toWriting Process
By Brandon311
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I sat down to the computer.
I placed my header and information in the appropriate places, MLA format of course.
I then stared blankly at the screen for a prolonged period of time and drummed on my desk.
Then, I pulled up "The Truman Show" and rewatched it as I took notes.
After reviewing the themes we discussed in classed, I carefully chose the themes that would fit into the body of my essay.

After thoroughly proofreading my final product, I determined that it was indeed ready for submission.
Now with confidence in my ideas and the addition of a new body paragraph, I completed the intro next and the conclusion as my last step.
After feeling unsure of my work, I spoke to Professor Ellison, who then pointed me in the right direction.
Next, I outlined the MARs along with adding in ideas about the Intro and Conclusion.
Using these themes, I put together the MARs.