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BusinessJail Booking
By M.J
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The County Jail booking process that relates to inmate medical procedures and billing.

Person is "In Custody"
Intake Process is conducted by arresting officer. Property intake Fingerprinting Photographing

Intake Process is started by arresting officer, but person will make bail shortly after. Property intake Fingerprinting Photographing
Personal Info questionnaire: Name Address Mental health problems etc.
Booking process is started. Completed by corrections officer. Similar questions are asked and forms are completed.

Inmate is bonded out and ordered to appear in court at a later date.
History form completed: Personal info background history medical history mental health? insurance info, if any. Caseworker? County? FHF completed
Lodged into Facility.
Hospitalization Required

All items are returned. Invoice for charges, if any apply are presented to individual.
DHS contact to erify living arrangement. Update LOC32 code.
Check is complete to verify type of insurance; HMO?
Referral form (If applies) and Inmates history file is printed and sent with him/her to the facility.

Referral needs to be done.
Clearance form is sent with inmate.