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NonprofitDirector - School-Based program
By dj
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Oversight individual clinical supervision consultation
School-Based Clinical Program Support
Conducts annual evaluations of the school based program and school staff
Administrative Duties

Supervision Individual and group
Determines long term strategy in conjunction with Clinical Director
Facilitates Quarterly meetings with school staff
Comunicates any concenrsn about quality of clinicians' work to program director in timely manner

Feedback and Evaluation
Identifies program needs, goals, priorities etc. in collaboration with management staff
Attends ACBHC meetings pertaining to EPSDT school-based services and trainings
Adheres to requirements for supervisors as stipulated by MAC policies and procedures. Board of Psychology/or the Board of Behaviroal Sciences rules and regulations

Reviews and co-sings all appropriate documentation (eg treatment plans; Progress Notes; Contact Notes
Identifies opportuunities for new or expanded programs to develop
Assists supervisees in developing training/professional development goals for the year

Ensures regular data entry into AMSHOES
Ensures program needs are adequately developed

Attends Practicum Team Meetings as needed
Idetnifies program budgetory needs/limitations in collaboration with Director and CFO

Collaborates with Practicum Program Coordinator and Psychological testing Coordinator