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BooksOf Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
By Carolinedownes
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George and Lennie, who are travel partners in search of work, get dropped off by a bus driver who dropped them off a ways away from their intended destination- a ranch which they are to work for. Lennie finds a dead mouse, and George makes him give it up and reminds him that he doesn't want any trouble like in their last job in Weed.
They reach the ranch where they are to work a bit later than they were supposed to and meet with a few other current workers and the boss, who questions them about their skills. They meet the boss's son who supposedly has a "glove full of vaseline" and immediately finds a disliking for Lennie, "The Big Guy."
George allows Lennie to get own one of Slim's puppies and he spends most of his day playing with it. Carlson offers to shoot Curly's old dog and give him a new puppy, and after being pressured, Curly finally gives in.
The workers discuss Curly's wife and all the trouble she gets into; George makes sure Lennie wants nothing to do with her to stay out of mischief. Curly appears looking for his wife a lot, thinking she is always with the men.
George and Lennie share their life dream with Candy on how they soon hope to own a little farmhouse on their own, and to make their own food. Candy offers to help with the idea by contributing his life savings to help if he could tag along. George accepts but warns him not to tell anyone else.

When George finds Lennie, he is proud of himself for remembering to come here. He begins telling Lennie stories of the little farmhouse. He tells Lennie to look over behind the pond, as he does this George shoots him in the back of the head.
An angry mob of workers go out to look for Lennie, to kill him, who is hiding in a bush somewhere off in the distance. George knows where, because he told Lennie, if he ever got in any trouble to go there. George sends the search party in the wrong direction while he goes off to find Lennie.
Lennie crushes his puppy, and then Curly's wife enters and tries to talk to the sad Lennie. He tells her to leave and she just keeps talking on and on about her sad miserable life. They began talking about animals, Lennie admits he likes them because they are soft; she lets him stroke her hair. He accidently holds on too tight, and shakes her until he has broken her neck.
Crook, the black stable-hand, and Lennie become pals over a late night discussion on their dream farm, along with Candy who soon joins. Soon, Curly's wife comes in asking about her husband, and the men shoo her away. She asks what happened to her husband's hand and does not believe the lie that it got caught in a machine.
Curly attacks Lennie because he is too afraid to confront Slim about his wife. Curly gives Lennie a bloody nose and begs to be left alone, on George's command, Lennie fights back by breaking Curly's hand.