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EducationNurse Flow chart
By mike627
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Timeline for Nursing programs

TCC Nursing apply spring 2014 begin program this is all CC
Graduate Winter 2016 with ADN-T
Take additional pre-reqs to apply to RN to BSN programs start Summer 2016 these include @ quarters of language, an english class and humanities, PE class and nutrition.
Finish additional pre-reqs by Summer 2016
Begin UW-T RN to BSN program Fall 2017

Finish UW-T program Winter 2018 this is assuming that they offer start during winter.

Continue on path to graduate with AAS-T degree but this option opens the ability to apply to all colleges and universitys
Apply to RN program at TCC and other CC for Fall 2014
Graduate TCC Spring 2016
Begin program at UW-t Fall 2016 Graduate Fall 2017

Start UW or PLU Fall 2014
Complete UW or PLU Spring 2016 with BSN