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BusinessIP Phone System
By bonedoc2k
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Explanation of New IP Phone System and Expected Cost

Century Link Internet with one analog phone line. (Have installer run to Jeannine's office or drill hole from storage room to office)
Extension 8-12 Modem to run wires to each new phone Cost of each phone if deal completed by 10-15-13 is $0.00) Savings of $600.00
Replace 'old" ethernet cable & remove any cable for phone & fax system from floor.

Analog Phone line. Dedicated Fax & Emergency Line in case of power or internet failure.
Run Data Extensions from phones to laptops

Cost Projection: 3 year commitment with 20 Mbps & analog line is $85.00 per month 12 Lines X $30.00 = $360.00 $360.00 + $85.00 = $445
Key things to consider: 1. Track all number of calls daily on each extension & length. 2. Call waiting music and call waiting notification. 3. Professional main office greeting & dial by extension operator.