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This is a step by step process to study and learn the Goldwasser Real Estate Listing Advantage System. A proven, repeatable process designed to get the home owner the best price for their home in any market.

Phase 1: The Plan

Understand the client's situation by collecting information and developing a specific Home Sale Strategy.

Assess Home Seller's Needs
Understand and agree to the objectives for the client's home sale. Each situation can be different and will dictate a specific plan.

Conduct a Best Price Analysis
Before going on the market it is critical to know where you stand among the competition. In depth Market Research to analyze the market place.
Conduct Best Price Competition Review
To accurately price the home, we must intimately know the direct competition. Identify the best ways to make the home stand out from competition

Perform Initial Seller's Consultation.
.All about communication. Tour the property and assess its features and its condition relative to the competition for sale in the area.
Review Net Analysis
To avoid financial surprises and better determine the clients goals, calculate all expenses and anticipated profits from the sale of the home.

Complete Home Sale Agreement
Standard Listing Agreement authorized by Texas Association of Realtors-Review in detail.
Conduct ASP Home Staging Consultation
We want Buyers to fall in love with the home. Show Statistics.

Complete Home Pre-Inspection
Negotiate from a position of strength and knowledge. Move-In-Certified with major issues known.