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▷ ▶ Newport Mental Health Team Structure free Business flowcharts and decision trees.
A Flowchart by lilypill. See lilypill's 4me blog page.
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BusinessNewport Mental Health Team Structure
By lilypill
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Emergency (4 hours) or Urgent assessment (48 hours) - Completed by Medic, CPN/HT, MAS or In Reach
Newport Mental Health Team Duty Desk
Non appropriate - Referrer informed

Allocation Meeting

Patient can re-refer self back for assessment
CMHT (Secondary)
If memory but not complex, risky and/or intense
Memory Service (MAS) (Primary)
In Reach (Primary)

Assessed by: Medic OPA/DV, CPN/HT, OT, SW, Psychology, In-patient
If memory but complex, risky and/or intense
Assessed by: Medic OPA/DV, Memory Nurse OPA/DV
Assessed by: In-Reach Nurse or Medic

Transfer CC / Discharge to GP / Discharge to MAS (Primary) / Discharge to General Review (S/W)
MDT discussion and Care Co-ordinator (CC) allocated if accepted as Secondary ('relevant patient')
Discharge - Referrer informed (not a 'relevant patient')
Intervention (Primary) by: Medic, Memory Nurse, Memory S/W, OT or Psychology
Brief Intervention (Primary)

CTP Review
CTP Care Plan and Intervention/s (Secondary)
Ongoing monitoring and support by MAS
Complex, risky or intense or Crisis

Crisis resolved
Crisis (CC remains with allocated individual)
Home Treatment Assessment/Intervention by: CPN, STaR with CMHT support
Crisis resolved