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By Kevin
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Mass out the ziploc bags.
Pour components in beaker filled with water, and stir.
Filter out components and water over another beaker.
Pour water in new beaker and heat on hot plate.
Empty contents of filter in new beaker.

Put the mothballs in water, place in fume hood, and wait for solidifying.
Put the poppy seeds and sand mixture into water.
Take out and and pour the beaker full of poppy seeds into filter and proceed with vacuum filtration.
Once the water on the hot plate evaporates, empty salt into bag.
Put mothballs in alcohol, place in fume hood, and wait for dissolving.

Separate poppy seeds from beaker with forceps.
Vacuum filter the poppy seed and water mixture.
Vacuum filter the sand and water mixture.
Vacuum filter the mothball-alcohol mixture.
Remove the filter paper and dry in the incubator oven.

To calculate the mass of all the components, subtract the mass of the bag with the components inside from the mass of the bag.
Mass out the dry filter paper with mothball in it.
Mass out a dry piece of filter paper.