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MoviesMaking a Documentary
By kellywelch8
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This flowchart will help you understand the order in which you should perform certain actions toward the ultimate goal of making a documentary film.

Come up with a new subject.
Will your documentary be about a specific topic and answer a question about something?
Do you have a subject?
Decide on a Subject


Contact that person/ those people immediately, explain your request in detail and ask for their participation.
Is your documentary completely dependent upon the participation of a specific person/ group of people?


Did he/she/they agree to participate?
Research your topic online. Gather as much information as possible. Make your subject more specific if you can.
Outline your documentary, first generally, then in more detail. Plan who you want to interview.


Come up with a new subject.
Contact the people you want to interview and find out when is a good time for them.
Do you expect that the people you want to interview will be available during our class time?
Contact the people you want to interview and suggest our class time for an interview, but let them know that if that time doesn't work for them, you can be flexible to fit their schedule.

Create a shooting schedule around the interviews you have scheduled. Plan when, who, and what you will shoot. Include in your schedule any techniques you want to use.

Shoot your film. Always shoot more than you think you will need.

Edit your film. Add music, transitions, voice-over narration, and other effects.
You've made a documentary film! Take pride in your work and show it off to your friends, colleagues and teachers!