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A Flowchart by Shan. See Shan's 4me blog page.
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BusinessAppointment Bookings
By Shan
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This flowchart outlines the process for interacting with clients as far as booking appointments is concerned.

Prospective client makes contact via email, phone or booking an appointment directly through my website or social media using the automated appointment system.
Has the client already booked an appointment?
Check email for appointment request from appointment system. Is the time and date convenient?
Confirm the appointment through system and send client an 'About You' sheet and 'What to Talk About During Your Session', both in .pdf format attached to an email thanking them for the appointment


Has the client made contact by phone?
Answer their queries and ask if they'd like to go ahead, explain that a free introductory session taking 30 minutes is offered to see whether we're a good fit before they decide if they'd like to go ahead. Do they want the free session?
Make an appointment and use cVita to send them confirmation. Send them the sheets mentioned above as an email attachment.


Email the client answering their questions and tell them if they'd like to go ahead, a free introductory session that takes 30 minutes is offered to ensure we're a good fit. Ask them to go to the website and click on 'Contact', then make an appointment at a suitable day and time for them or email back with a phone number if there's not a suitable time so we can set one up. Thank them for their query.