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By crazygirl
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Is it really worth worrying about?

STOP! What am I feeling? Is it worry or anxiety?
What exactly am I worried about... write down all the things that I am thinking about that are worrying me. Did I write them all down?
Start going through the list of the things I wrote down one at a time with this flow chart. Is this something that I have any control over?
Write down the things you can do to make changes in the situation, the steps you can start to take to make this better.
Do the things that are possible for you to do immediately and keep your list of the next steps for when their time comes up.





If not, spend some time doing a body and mind check in to figure out what you are feeling. If you do a check in and you find worry then go back to the beginning of the flow chart
Spend a few minutes and make sure you found all the things that are worrying you. Did you get them all now?
Recognize that some things we don't have any control over and even though they affect our lives we sometimes have to let them play out.
Take the time to acknowledge that this is on your mind but remind yourself that there are some things I have no control over and only time with help with this situation.
Worry is about loss of control, you are strong and capable and there are times where you will not be able to control the situation or the outcome. Recognize those times for what they are. If you have no control over something then it is not part of your journey, it belongs to someone else.