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BusinessSaranac Overview
By slynn0829
Category: Business. Viewed 749 times. Created September 2013.     Disclaimer.   
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Saranac Overview as of 9-13-2013

Finalize Citibank LOC
RFR Hard copy advice
ADNOC Swift Advice
Begin Operations in 390 Park, Plan Initial Disbursements

SIE Structure Document from AKIN
Formalize Structure, Organize and Create LLC's
Publish Structure to Rothstein Kass

Rothstein Kass Structure from Akin
Create Charts of Accounts, Initialize Books and Records
Choose Accounting Software
Make Initial Entries
Saranac Capital Redacted Sub Agreement from Hedge Fund Division

Create Initial Staffing Plan
Outline HR Policy, Salary Structure and Key Person Search Strategy
Begin Controller Search Process

TNTMAX Engagement Agreement Executed
Infrastructure Audit, List of Hardware for Procurement
Purchase Order for TNTMAX ongoing service agreement
Purchase Order for Equipment with Deposits
Timeline and Implementation Plan for IT and Hardware

DELOS Contracts Available for Review
Saranac Capital Advisors Formation with AKIN
Initial Investment with DELOS
Hiring DELOS as Sub-Advisor, Sub-Agreement Template from Rothstein
Formation of Delos Capital Yield Fund

Saranac Private Equity; BSJ Investment
Vertical Channel for FBO Fuel Distribution
1.5 Million client list for Investment/ wealth management Solicitation
Feasibility Study, Middle East and King Abdullah Economic City Medi-Vac Service, and service w/in KSA
Due Diligence, Lloyds of London Insurance Policy