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A Flowchart by brianarochelle. See brianarochelle's 4me blog page.
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By brianarochelle
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advancement flow chart

Annual Fund Solicitation mailings go out from the school - each letter has a handwritten note card from the assigned solicitor, information on giving, and a giving envelope
Donor returns the giving envelope with a generous gift or pledge inside
The Advancement office sends a thank you note and the solicitor calls the thank the donor

A few weeks go by, and the donor hasn't sent a gift in. The solicitor calls or emails the donor to follow up and ask for a gift.
The Donor says that he/she will make a gift later or has questions that he or she would like answered
The solicitor asks the Advancement Office to follow up with the donor

The solicitor answers what ever questions he/she is able and makes a date to follow up with the donor