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Every year, millions of people use online dating websites hoping to find a companion or a soulmate. We remind you that criminals use these sites, too, looking to turn the lonely and vulnerable into fast money through a variety of scams. As you should when you enter into any relationship, watch for red flags. That said, as of 2016, 27% of Americans 18- to 24-year-olds happily use online dating services to find love and friendship. 5% of Americans who are in a marriage or committed relationship say they met their significant other online. The purpose of this selector is to direct you to online dating services that are the best match for you.

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What type of Relationship do you have?

Which Online Dating Site Is Best For Me?

Which Sexual Position are you?

Which expression of love is ri

What kind of guy is right for

What kind of person should you

What's My Type of Guy or Girl

Are you my soulmate?

Love Type Selector

Soul Mate name.

Are you straight or gay?

Dream Date Selector

Is He Into You? How To Know W

What kind of relationship is

What kind of prostitute are yo

How Slutty are you

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The crush quiz

Are You Obsessed Over Someone?

Will it be a guy or a girl? (

What type of guy are you?

Sternberg's Love Theory Survey

Are you Gay?

Where To Find Prospective Date

Who is your ideal partner?

Find your ideal girlfriend typ

What kind of drug are you?

Your Future in love

Dating Enlightenment

what high school girl/guy are

What's Your Celebrity Romantic

What Type Of Suave are you

Which Orgasm are You?

Female compatibility

Why don't you have a boyfriend

Which one of my sexy friends w

Are you a nymph?

could your guy friend be your


Do you want a partner?

How kinky are you?

What type of boy/girlfriend ar

Love Language Quiz

Do you have the perfect boyfri

Your Ideal Demon Mate

What kind of relationship are

What kind of sex partner you w

Your Future

how hot are you?

What is your type or guy?

Would we be a good match?

are u a cheeky girl?

What is your sexual preference

What is the type of person wou

Love or Lust?

Are you a good person to date?

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Are you a hottie?

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how hot r u { GIRLS ONLY} ps.

Which vibrator. etc. are you?

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r u a good kisser

Lovers Forever?

Which popular girl phrase are

How obsessed are you?

What Guy Is Best For You?

Which guy is for you?

What would you do to get your

How dateable are you?

What people in school do you l

What's your dream date look li

Boyfriend Selector

What's your sex time

Which Teacher Would Ask You To

Which Elsa Wants To Build A Sn

Which DC Heroine / Villain Wan

Which Version Of Godzilla Bell

Does my crush love me?

What sort of boyfriend will yo

Do you love me, do you love me

Pay it Forward with Love


What Do You Do???

Online Dating Websites

Sexual Positions Recommendatio

How do I know if I have sexual

What Type Of Relationship Do Y

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1. Which specific areas or niches would you like your dating site to specialize in?
The people you meet through online dating services, including those with a specialized focus, will have interests and facets beyond the primary focus of the site they belong to.

Any and all, I have no preference for a particular religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, interest or other predilections.

Asian people

Beautiful people who want to meet other beautiful people


Black people

Cat lovers



Farmers & ranchers

Gay men

Gluten-free people

Graduates and students of selected colleges

Heterosexual people

Hispanic people

Jewish people


Marriage-minded people



Non monogamous people

Older men/younger women

People who share your taste in music

Physically fit people


Tall people


Wealthy Men and women seeking same

Western men/women from the former Soviet Republics

Prioritize your choice(s) above:

Low Priority High Priority

2. Would you like a site with heavy or light visitor traffic?
Many visitors are an implication, but not a guarantee, of many members. Or do you prefer the road less traveled with smaller crowds where you might have a greater chance of being noticed?

More popular dating sites with more visitors preferred.

Less popular dating sites with fewer visitors preferred.

No preference.

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

3. From which nations would you like the dating site's traffic to come from?
If you are looking for pen pal, a distant foreign nation might be fun. If you are looking for something more intimate, consider the country in which you live.
The visitors' location was determined by Alexa.com.












Dominican Republic




Hong Kong
















Saudi Arabia


South Africa



Trinidad and Tobago


United Kingdom

United States



Prioritize your choice(s) above:

Low Priority High Priority

4. Do you prefer a site in which the visitors spend a lot of time browsing?
That may indicate their level of interest in meeting someone.
The visitors' time on the site was measured by Alexa.com.

Yes, a site with interested visitors preferred.

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

5. What sort of gender mix do you prefer the dating service have?
The gender mix of sites' traffic is based on a sampling visitor by Alexa.com.

More males than females

More females than males

An about equal mix of males and females

No preference

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

6. You are hoping to meet someone. What educational level would you like that person to have?
You may answer this with your own educational level.
The education level of sites' users is based on a sampling of visitors by Alexa.com.

No college (includes those who may attend college in the future)

Some college (may have attended or are currently attending college)

College graduate

Graduate school

No preference

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

7. Do you like free?
Some dating services are completely free. Some offer free trial periods, partial free access, free features and free services.

Yes, I like free trials, free services and other free offers.

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

8. Would you like a free dating app?
Some of these dating sites make their apps available instantly for your Android device.
Click the ''Info & Items'' links on your results page for your free app.

Yes, I'd like a free dating app.

Prioritize your choice above:

Low Priority High Priority

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