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1Yes/No SelectorWhich band instrument should you play? (fits your personality)
2Yes/No SelectorWhich 80s Hair Band Are You?
3Yes/No SelectorWhich Led Zeppelin member are you most like?
4Yes/No SelectorWhich Metal Band are you?
5Yes/No SelectorThe Band Geek's Instrument Selector
6Yes/No SelectorWhat Green Day Song Are You?
7Yes/No SelectorWhich Instrument Should You Play?
8Yes/No SelectorWhat punk song are you?
9Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Slipknot are you?
10Yes/No SelectorWhich heavy metal band are you?
11Yes/No SelectorWhat type of musician are you?
12Yes/No SelectorWhich L'Arc~en~Ciel Member Are You?
13Yes/No SelectorWhat punk band are you?
14Yes/No SelectorWhich Korean Music Group Should You Be A Member Of?
15Yes/No SelectorWhich Simple Plan Band Member Are You?
16Yes/No SelectorWhich Classical Composer Are You?
17Yes/No SelectorFavorite Bass Player Selector
18Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Music Fits Your Personality?
19Yes/No SelectorWhich song should you listen to?
20Yes/No SelectorThe Emo Test
21Yes/No SelectorWhich Orgy band member are you?
22Yes/No SelectorWhat DCI Division I Drum Corps Is For You?
23Yes/No SelectorWhich Gorillaz Band Member Are You?
24Yes/No SelectorAre you punk?
25Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Morning Musume are you?
26Yes/No SelectorWhat string orchestral instrument should you play?
27Yes/No Selector[LINKIN PARK] band member test... which band member of LP r u?
28Yes/No SelectorWhich kind of woodwind instrument should you play?
29Yes/No SelectorWhich Nirvana Song Are You?
30Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind Of Punk Are You
31Yes/No SelectorWhich Rap/Hip-hop song are you?
32Yes/No SelectorWhat Music Genre are you?
33Yes/No SelectorWhich Malice Mizer character are you?
34Yes/No Selectorwhich member of rammstein are you?
35Yes/No SelectorWhich Nightwish Song describes you?
36Yes/No SelectorWhat are you in the marching band?
37Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Morning Musume are you most like?
38Yes/No SelectorWhat is your favorite death/black metal band?
39Yes/No SelectorWhich Ayumi Hamasaki song are you most like?
40Yes/No SelectorWhich Girly ''Punk'' Band Are You?
41Yes/No SelectorThe band geek test
42Yes/No Selectorpunk rock style selector
43Yes/No SelectorWhich Malice Mizer Member Are You?
44Yes/No SelectorIf you were a J-rocker, who would you be?
45Yes/No SelectorWhat musical instrument should you play?
46Yes/No SelectorWhat punk band would you like?
47Yes/No SelectorWhat industrial band is best for me?
48Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Song Are You?
49Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Inner Kyo?
50Yes/No SelectorWhich Alternative Band Are You
51Yes/No SelectorWhich John Mayer Song Best Describes You?
52Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of KoRn are you?
53Yes/No SelectorWhich System Of A Down Member are you?
54Yes/No SelectorMUCC : Which member are you?
55Yes/No SelectorAre you obsessed with Linkin Park
56Yes/No SelectorWhat Hardcore Band are You?
57Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Anthem?
58Yes/No SelectorWhat is my theme song?
59Yes/No SelectorWhich CATS Character are you?
60Yes/No Selectorare you punk enough?
61Yes/No SelectorWhich string instrument are you?
62Yes/No SelectorWhich Gackt Job Member Are You?
63Yes/No SelectorWhich jrocker are you most like
64Yes/No SelectorWhich Emo Band Are You?
65Yes/No Selectorwhat's my foo fighters theme song?
66Yes/No SelectorWhich Britney Song are you Most Like?
67Yes/No SelectorWhich Of CoRri's Favorite Bands Are You?
68Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Theme Song?
69Yes/No SelectorWhich song describes your love life?
70Yes/No Selectorfavorite guitar player
71Yes/No SelectorWhat Smashing Pumpkins Song Are You?
72Yes/No SelectorWhich B2K member are you?
73Yes/No SelectorGreen Day Member
74Yes/No SelectorHow punky is your punky
75Yes/No SelectorWhich Nirvana member are you???
76Yes/No SelectorWho's the Morning Musume member for you?
77Yes/No SelectorWhich grunge band are you?
78Yes/No SelectorWhich Backstreet Boy are you most like?
79Yes/No SelectorWhat is your inner Mana?
80Yes/No SelectorWhich Pink Floyd Song are You?
81Yes/No SelectorWhat famous K-pop song are you?
82Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Smiths Anthem?
83Yes/No SelectorWhich Lareine member are you most like?
84Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Cats are you?
85Yes/No SelectorWhich Queen song are you?
86Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Cradle of Filth are you?
87Yes/No SelectorWhat Groupie are YOU?
88Yes/No SelectorWhich Alkaline Trio Album Are You?
89Yes/No SelectorWhich MetallicA song are you?
90Yes/No SelectorWhich Bjork Song Are You?
91Yes/No SelectorWat voor faery ben jij?
92Yes/No SelectorWhich Jewel Song Are You?
93Yes/No SelectorWhich GLAY boi are you??
94Yes/No SelectorWhich Famous Article Of John Lennon's clothing Are You?
95Yes/No SelectorWhich dead rocker are you?
96Yes/No Selectorwhich new found glory member are you?
97Yes/No SelectorWhich Metallica Member are you?
98Yes/No SelectorWhich Weezer Song Are You?
99Yes/No SelectorMusical Instrument Personality
100Yes/No SelectorHow industrial are you?
101Yes/No SelectorWhich Courtney are you?
102Yes/No Selectorpunk music
103Yes/No SelectorWhich Hairband frontman are you?
104Yes/No SelectorThis is the quiz that shows which H.O.T. member you are!
105Yes/No SelectorWhich Opeth song are you?
106Yes/No SelectorWhat Gorillaz song are you?
107Yes/No SelectorWhat marching band instrument are you?
108Yes/No SelectorWhich dead rock star are you?
109Yes/No SelectorWhich Rocker Girl are You?
110Yes/No SelectorWhich Destiny's Child Memember Are You?
111Yes/No SelectorWhat song from P!NK's 'Missundaztood' album are you?
112Yes/No SelectorClassical Song
113Yes/No SelectorBlink 182 band member selector
114Yes/No SelectorWhich American Idol Star Are You?
115Yes/No SelectorWhat screamo band are you?
116Yes/No SelectorDrumline Instrument Selector
117Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of metal are you?
118Yes/No SelectorWhat rock song are you?
119Yes/No SelectorWhich Band/Orchestra Instrument Are You?
120Yes/No SelectorWhich Blink 182 Member Are You?
121Yes/No SelectorWhich Rent song describes your life?
122Yes/No SelectorWhat ~Cure~ are you?
123Yes/No SelectorWhich Alkaline Trio member are you most likely to date?
124Yes/No SelectorWhich KISS member are you most like?
125Yes/No SelectorWhich Song are you?
126Yes/No SelectorWhich Depeche Mode member are you?
127Yes/No SelectorMichael Jackson Music Video Selector
128Yes/No SelectorWhich Hanson brother are you?
129Yes/No SelectorWhich Rock Song Best Suits You?
130Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park member are you?
131Yes/No SelectorWhich Rammstein member are you?
132Yes/No SelectorWhat BSB is your best match?
134Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park song are you?
135Yes/No SelectorWhich Guitar are You?
136Yes/No SelectorString Instrument Selector
137Yes/No SelectorWhat music genre does your personality match?
138Yes/No SelectorWhat Jrocker Are You Most Like?
139Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park band member are you most like?
140Yes/No SelectorWhich Mariah Carey's Song are you
141Yes/No SelectorWhich rock/metal band member would you be?
142Yes/No SelectorWhich ''Love Song'' Are You?
143Yes/No SelectorWhat Simple Plan song best describes YOU?
144Yes/No SelectorWhat voice part are you?
145Yes/No SelectorWhich TOOL song defines you?
146Yes/No SelectorWhich Pink Floyd member are you?
147Yes/No SelectorWhich Def Leppard band member are you?
148Yes/No SelectorWhich Dir en grey Member Are You?
149Yes/No Selectorthe real punk test
150Yes/No SelectorWhat Tori Amos Song Are You Most Like?
151Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of plectrum should you use? HUH?!
152Yes/No SelectorWhat Garbage Song Are You?
153Yes/No SelectorWhich AFI Song are You?
154Yes/No SelectorWhat Incubus song best describes you?
155Yes/No SelectorWhich blink-182 Song are you?
156Yes/No SelectorThe R.E.M. Song Selector
157Yes/No SelectorWhat Evanescence song are you
158Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Jonathan Davis are you?
159Yes/No Selectorcalendar boys.
160Yes/No SelectorWhat instrument is best for you?
161Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park Song Are You?
162Yes/No SelectorWhich Era of Kathleen Hanna Are You?
163Yes/No SelectorWhich matthew good band Song Are You?
164Yes/No SelectorOi Band Selector
165Yes/No SelectorWhich Portable Music Format is right for you?
166Yes/No SelectorWhich Avril Lavigne Song Are You?
167Yes/No SelectorWhich Dir en Grey song are you?
168Yes/No SelectorWhich Phish Song Are You?
169Yes/No SelectorWhich Paul Are You?
170Yes/No SelectorWhich Slayer Member Are You??
171Yes/No SelectorWhich POISON member are you?
172Yes/No SelectorWhich Pearl Jam Song Are You?
173Yes/No SelectorWho's YOUR Rockstar Boyfriend
174Yes/No SelectorWhat type of band should you be in?
175Yes/No SelectorHow Well Do You Know Dir en Grey? Huh?
176Yes/No SelectorIdentify your very own personal anthem!
177Yes/No SelectorWhich Doors song are you?
178Yes/No SelectorWhich Christina Aguilera song are you?
179Yes/No SelectorMegadeth Band Member/Related Character Selector
180Yes/No SelectorNew Diva Selector
181Yes/No SelectorWhat 80's Rock Icon Are You?
182Yes/No SelectorWhat song are you?
183Yes/No SelectorWhich Slipknot member are you?
184Yes/No SelectorMonkees Member Selector
185Yes/No Selectorwhich akeys song are YOU?
186Yes/No SelectorWhich Morning Musume subgroup are you?
187Yes/No SelectorWhat ''boy band'' are you a member of?
188Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of System of a Down Are You?
189Yes/No SelectorThe R.E.M. Groupie Test
190Yes/No SelectorWhat percussion instrument are you?
191Yes/No SelectorWhich oldschool hardcore band are you?
192Yes/No SelectorWhat Stevie Nicks Era Are You?
193Yes/No SelectorWhat local Hollywood-based band leader are you most like?
194Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Pearl Jam Are You?
195Yes/No SelectorAre You Punk Or Not?
196Yes/No SelectorWhich DeG member are you?
197Yes/No SelectorWHICH SUM 41 MEMBER ARE YOU?
198Yes/No SelectorWhich Nsync member is Best for YOU?
199Yes/No SelectorTabulate your scene points!!
200Yes/No SelectorWhich member of New Sodmy are you?
201Yes/No SelectorR.E.M. Album Selector
202Yes/No SelectorWhich Band Instrument Should You Play?
203Yes/No SelectorWhat Incubus Song Are You?
204Yes/No SelectorWhich member from Blink 182 are you? Mark, Tom, or Travis?
205Yes/No SelectorYour inner Yu~ki
206Yes/No SelectorI CAN BE GOD TOO! (which Nirvana band member are you)
207Yes/No SelectorWhat John Mayer song are you?
208Yes/No SelectorWhat Music Genre are you?
209Yes/No SelectorAre you Emo,Hardcore,or Punk?
210Yes/No SelectorWhich T.A.T.U member are you?
211Yes/No SelectorWhat Singer is most like you?
212Yes/No SelectorWhich Styx Song are You?
213Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of instrument would you play if you were in a band?
214Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Phantom Planet Are You?
215Yes/No SelectorWhat Rare Nirvana Song Are You?
216Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of Punk are you?
217Yes/No SelectorMindless Self Indulgence quiz
218Yes/No SelectorAre You An Emo?
219Yes/No SelectorWhich Cure Album Are You?
220Yes/No SelectorRagtime Song
221Yes/No SelectorWhat part do you play in the Ohio State University Marching Band?
222Yes/No SelectorWhich band Member are you?
223Yes/No SelectorWhich Offspring band member are you?
224Yes/No SelectorWhat member of TERRORIFIC are YOU????
225Yes/No SelectorWhich CATS Song is Your Theme?
226Yes/No SelectorWhich Ladie are YOU?
227Yes/No SelectorAre you like Matt?
228Yes/No SelectorWhich NSYNC member is right for you?
229Yes/No SelectorWhere in the drumline do you belong?
230Yes/No SelectorwHiCH hANS0N aRE y0U?!
231Yes/No SelectorWhich New Kid On The Block ARE YOU?
232Yes/No SelectorWhich Bon Jovi member are you?
233Yes/No SelectorWhich Mushroomhead song are you?
234Yes/No SelectorWhich Led Zeppelin Member are You?
235Yes/No SelectorWhich Music Genre Is Best For You
236Yes/No SelectorWhat Goth band fits you?
237Yes/No SelectorHip Hop Area Selector
238Yes/No SelectorWhich Violin Concerto are you
239Yes/No SelectorWhich Something Corporate Song Are You
240Yes/No SelectorWhich Goo Goo Doll are you?
241Yes/No SelectorWhat Bright Eyes Song Are You?
242Yes/No SelectorNHS Bando Selector
243Yes/No SelectorWhat J-POP song fits you the best?
244Yes/No SelectorWhich Song Describes You? (SpotLight)
245Yes/No SelectorWhat A Perfect Circle song are you?
246Yes/No SelectorThe Complete Dir en grey Test
247Yes/No SelectorEmo Test
248Yes/No SelectorWhat Clash Song Are You?
249Yes/No SelectorWhat Evanescence Song are you?
250Yes/No Selectorwhich britney spears song are you?
251Yes/No SelectorWhich Jay Chou Song are You?
252Yes/No SelectorWhich Smashing Pumpkins member are you
253Yes/No Selectorwhat is your inner Klaha?
254Yes/No SelectorWhich AC/DC member are you?
255Yes/No SelectorWhat Musical Instrument is best for You?
256Yes/No SelectorWhich Britney Spears song are you?
257Yes/No SelectorWhich Simple Plan dude are you most like?
258Yes/No SelectorWho or p-roach are u?
259Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Journey are you?
260Yes/No SelectorWhich O-Town member are you?
261Yes/No SelectorStrings Orchestra Personality Quiz
262Yes/No SelectorWhat Queen Song are You?
263Yes/No Selectorwhich pink floyd song are you?
264Yes/No SelectorWhat NIN song are you?
265Yes/No SelectorWhich Marching Band Member Are You?
266Yes/No SelectorWhich Led Zeppelin Song Are You?
267Yes/No SelectorNakiko's Gackt Job Member Selector
268Yes/No SelectorWhich Wilco member is your love match?
269Yes/No SelectorWhich Morning Musume Member Are You?
270Yes/No SelectorWhich Clash song are you?
271Yes/No SelectorWhat Music Artist Suits You?
272Yes/No SelectorWhich alk3 song are you?
273Yes/No SelectorWhich Korn member are you most like?
274Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Static-X are you?
275Yes/No SelectorWhich Jay-Z song describes you?
276Yes/No SelectorWhich MUCC Member Are You?
277Yes/No SelectorWhich Tool Member Are You?
278Yes/No SelectorPoznaj prawde o sobie!
279Yes/No SelectorWhich System of a Down band member are you
280Yes/No SelectorThe Madonna Song Quiz
281Yes/No SelectorWhich Talking Heads Member Are You?
282Yes/No SelectorWhich Character from Cats the Musical are you?
283Yes/No SelectorWho is your Squad Five-O Boyfriend??
284Yes/No SelectorWhich George Album are You?
285Yes/No SelectorHip-Hop Personality
286Yes/No SelectorThe True AFI Test
287Yes/No SelectorHow J-rock are YOU?
288Yes/No SelectorWhich Kitten Are You?
289Yes/No SelectorWhich member of The Band are you?
290Yes/No SelectorWhat Music Genre Are You? (Better Quiz Than The Rest!)
291Yes/No SelectorWhat 3LW Member are u?
292Yes/No SelectorWould you be a good danceline member?
293Yes/No SelectorWhich type of metal suits you?
294Yes/No SelectorWhat music genre do you like best?
295Yes/No SelectorWhich Gorillaz Member are you?!
296Yes/No SelectorThe perfect heavy/melodic/progressive metal band for you
297Yes/No SelectorH.O.T. Compatibility
298Yes/No Selectorare you a true artist
299Yes/No SelectorPunk or not?
300Yes/No SelectorWhich Bloodhound Gang member are you?
301Yes/No Selectorwhich member of New Found Glory are you?
302Yes/No Selectorwhat Nsync song are you?
303Yes/No SelectorWhich Karuarozetto member are you most like?
304Yes/No SelectorThe NEW and IMPROVED-Which music instrument should you learn?-test
305Yes/No SelectorWhich Hip Hop Producer Are You?
306Yes/No SelectorWhich Black Crowe are YOU?
307Yes/No SelectorWho would you be in H.O.T.
308Yes/No SelectorWhich No Doubt song fits you?
309Yes/No SelectorWhich Weezer song are you most like??
310Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Matchbox Twenty are you??
311Yes/No SelectorWhich Poe song be you?
312Yes/No SelectorWhat is your best dance music?
313Yes/No SelectorWhat type of guard member are you?
314Yes/No SelectorWhich Glassjaw song are you?
315Yes/No SelectorL'Arc-en-Ciel Member
316Yes/No SelectorVocaloid Otaku Quiz
317Yes/No SelectorGuys I don't know.
318Yes/No Selector¿qué miembro del canal popular 1 rock eres?
319Yes/No SelectorS Club 7 Personality Selector
320Yes/No SelectorWhich S Clubber are you?
321Yes/No SelectorWhich 80s Heart Member Are You ?
322Yes/No Selectorwhat Aioria member are you most like?
323Yes/No SelectorWhich Classic Song Might Be Your Theme?
324Yes/No SelectorWhich Oklahoma! Song are You?
325Yes/No Selectorwhich nirvana song are you?
326Yes/No SelectorAre You A Band Geek?
327Yes/No SelectorWhat is your theme song?
328Yes/No SelectorWhich Song are you?
329Yes/No SelectorWhich Blink 182 Band Member Are You?
330Yes/No SelectorWhich pop diva are you?
331Yes/No SelectorDeG Fashion Personality Beast!
332Yes/No SelectorMalice Mizer Member Selector!
333Yes/No SelectorWhich Tragically Hip song are you?
334Yes/No Selectorwhich Dir en Grey Member are you quiz?
335Yes/No SelectorWhat Piece of Guard Equipment are You?
336Yes/No SelectorWhat Neubauten instrument describes you?
337Yes/No SelectorWhich member ofPierrot are you most like?
338Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Kittie Are you?
339Yes/No SelectorWhat Type Of Music Are You?
340Yes/No SelectorWhich System of a Down Member Are You?
341Yes/No SelectorLinkin Park Member
342Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Duel Jewel are you?
343Yes/No SelectorWhich Duran Are You?
344Yes/No SelectorWhich Jimmy Eat World song are you?
345Yes/No SelectorWhich Green Day album more consolidates with you?
346Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Minimoni are you?
347Yes/No SelectorWhich Evanescence song from Fallen are you?
348Yes/No SelectorAre you Ryan Cabrera's sole mate?
349Yes/No SelectorWhich Gackt fruit are you?
350Yes/No Selectorwhich weezer album are you?
351Yes/No Selectorwhich rancid song are you
352Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Inner Tori Amos Song?
353Yes/No SelectorDo you know timmy?
354Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of Band Kid are you?
355Yes/No Selectorwhich o-town member are you?
356Yes/No Selectorwhich one of my random favourite songs are you?
357Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Crustation Nation are you?
358Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of music are you like
359Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock Instrument should you play?
360Yes/No SelectorWhich Dumah member are you most like?
361Yes/No Selectorwhat korn band member are you most like?
362Yes/No SelectorWhat Burt Bacharach song are you?
363Yes/No SelectorBeethoven symphonies
364Yes/No SelectorWhich Bullpen member are you?
365Yes/No SelectorWhich WEEZER song are you?
366Yes/No SelectorNine Inch Nails Song Selector
367Yes/No SelectorWhich Indie Band Are You?
368Yes/No SelectorSlipknot Member Selector
369Yes/No SelectorWhat King Diamond Song Are You?
370Yes/No SelectorWhat Stereotype do you fit?
371Yes/No SelectorWhich other Icon are You?
372Yes/No SelectorWhat AFI song are you????
373Yes/No SelectorU2 Personality Type
374Yes/No SelectorRing Cycle Character Selector
375Yes/No SelectorWhich koRn member are you?
376Yes/No SelectorRammstein band member
377Yes/No SelectorWhich Pata Are You?
378Yes/No Selectorwhat punk song are you?
379Yes/No SelectorWhat Swedish band are you?
380Yes/No SelectorWhat rock group is for you
381Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the OzmaOnline forum are you?
382Yes/No SelectorWhich Ani song are you?
383Yes/No SelectorWhich song are you?
384Yes/No SelectorAre YOU a True CLAYMATE?
385Yes/No SelectorWhich member of The Losers do you have the most in common with?!
386Yes/No SelectorThe [LINKIN PARK] band member test
387Yes/No SelectorAre You.. Die-san, Toshiya, Totally Shinya, Simply Kaoru, or Insanely Kyo?
388Yes/No SelectorGorillaz Modifier
389Yes/No SelectorWhich Character Are u from Cats The Musical???!!!
390Yes/No SelectorWhich of Kaoru's body parts are you?
391Yes/No Selectorwhich afi song are you
392Yes/No SelectorWhich Pink Floyd Song are You?
393Yes/No SelectorElectric Guitar Advisor
394Yes/No SelectorWhat Band Or Singer Are You Most Like?
395Yes/No SelectorAnother Pointless Quiz
396Yes/No SelectorWhat's your clique?
397Yes/No SelectorWhat Instrument Would You Play?
398Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Music Are You?
399Yes/No SelectorMorning Musume, which member are you?
400Yes/No SelectorMahler Symphony Selector (under construction)
401Yes/No SelectorWhich 80's Hair Band are you?!
402Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Tonic are you?
403Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock & Roll band are you? (Revised)
404Yes/No SelectorWhich 311 member are you?
405Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park member are you?
406Yes/No SelectorThe Castrato Personality Test
407Yes/No SelectorWhich Amerson member are you?
408Yes/No Selectorwhich something corporate song are you? ....another....
409Yes/No SelectorWhat Christian Punk or Ska band are you?
410Yes/No SelectorWhich Tori Amos Song are You?
411Yes/No Selectorplastic tree member selector
412Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of music best suits you?
413Yes/No SelectorWhich Rock Style Are You
414Yes/No SelectorWhich Gackt Job member are you like?
415Yes/No SelectorWhat Jekyll & Hyde Song Are YOU?
416Yes/No SelectorWhat Michelle Branch Song Are You?
417Yes/No SelectorB*Witched Selector
418Yes/No SelectorDir En Grey 304
419Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Member Are You?
420Yes/No SelectorWhat Calling song are you most like?
421Yes/No SelectorWhat kinda music do u listen to?
422Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Member Are You?
423Yes/No SelectorDreamStreet quiz
424Yes/No Selectorheavy metal or death metal
425Yes/No SelectorWhich Tool song are you?
426Yes/No SelectorWhich Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin Song are You ?
427Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Frowny Face Empire are you?
428Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the Pogues are you?
429Yes/No SelectorWhich hide song are you?
430Yes/No Selectorwhich music are you best at?
431Yes/No Selectorwhich u2 member
432Yes/No SelectorWhich of my friends are you?
433Yes/No SelectorDashboard Confessional Song
434Yes/No SelectorWhich Catatonia member are you?
435Yes/No SelectorWhich member of TOOL are you most like
436Yes/No SelectorWhat's Your Inner Shinya?
437Yes/No SelectorWhat band are you?
438Yes/No SelectorWhich Backstreet Boy are you most like?
439Yes/No SelectorWhich Lenny Kravitz song are you?
440Yes/No SelectorWhich Zanesville Rockstar Are You?
441Yes/No Selectorwhat type of music are you?
442Yes/No SelectorWhich object in Peyton's house are you?
443Yes/No SelectorWhich Rocker Are You?
444Yes/No SelectorWhich Political Band are You?
445Yes/No SelectorWhich Psycho le Cemu member are you?
446Yes/No SelectorWhich Newfound Glory song are you?
447Yes/No SelectorIf you were a Corr, which one would you be?
448Yes/No SelectorRap or Rock
449Yes/No SelectorHow obsessed with Linkin Park are you?
450Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock Star are you most like?
451Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of goth are you?
452Yes/No SelectorWhich member of a band are you?
453Yes/No SelectorAre you more like Marit or Marion?(of M2M)
454Yes/No Selectorwhich gnoMie grrl are you?
455Yes/No Selectorgod selector
456Yes/No SelectorAre you punk?
457Yes/No SelectorWhich S.E.S member are you most like?
458Yes/No SelectorWhich lad would you go best with?
459Yes/No SelectorWhich Punk band are you most like?
460Yes/No SelectorWhich Band Are You?
461Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of music are you?
462Yes/No SelectorWhat music suits you...
463Yes/No SelectorWhich Blink 182 Band member are you?
464Yes/No SelectorWhIcH OnE Of SuE's FaVoRitE SoNgS ArE YoU? yeah, im damn asian.
465Yes/No SelectorWhich Japanese Rocker are you?
466Yes/No SelectorLinkin Park Group Member
467Yes/No SelectorWhich Honest Abe member are you?
468Yes/No SelectorWhich Gorillaz Member are You?
469Yes/No SelectorWhich music type is best for you?
470Yes/No Selectorwhich_korn_guy
471Yes/No SelectorAre YOU a band fag?
472Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the Indoor Drumline are you?
473Yes/No SelectorBest Musical Instrument For You
474Yes/No SelectorWhich Greenday song is YOUR theme tune?
475Yes/No SelectorDevin Townsend Song Test
476Yes/No SelectorWhich folk chick are you?
477Yes/No SelectorWhat Musical Instrument Are You?
478Yes/No SelectorWhich utada hikaru Video are you?
479Yes/No SelectorWhich Michelle Branch Song Are You?
480Yes/No SelectorWhich rap song are you?
481Yes/No SelectorWhat Instrument is Best for You?
482Yes/No SelectorWhat Blink182 member r u??
483Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Five Years To The Day are you?
484Yes/No Selectorhow emo are you?
485Yes/No SelectorWhat Christian Rock Band is your favorite?
486Yes/No SelectorWhich instrument should you play?
487Yes/No SelectorWhich Lareine member are you?
488Yes/No SelectorWhich guitar-playing band or musician are you?
489Yes/No Selectorhow HARDXCORE are you?
490Yes/No SelectorFind your Bowie Album
491Yes/No SelectorIced Earth song selector
492Yes/No SelectorLinkin park which song are you
493Yes/No SelectorWhich CRAK member are you?
494Yes/No SelectorKorn Personality
495Yes/No SelectorThe ''What Undeniably Random Band Are You?'' Quiz
496Yes/No SelectorWhat celebrity are you???
497Yes/No SelectorWhich of my favorite songs are you?
499Yes/No SelectorWhat is Your Symphony?
500Yes/No SelectorWhat member of System of a Down are you?
501Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Linkin Park are you?
502Yes/No SelectorAbs
503Yes/No SelectorAre U a Juggalo?
504Yes/No SelectorWhich Powderfinger member are you?
505Yes/No SelectorWhich Guitar are you?
506Yes/No SelectorWhich Heavy Metal Band Are You?
507Yes/No SelectorWhcih 2gether member are YOU?
508Yes/No SelectorWhich TOOL song are you?
509Yes/No SelectorWhat member of good charlotte are you?
510Yes/No SelectorMadeth Gray'll Personality Test
511Yes/No SelectorWhich Ringo Song Are You?
512Yes/No SelectorWhich Something Corporate Member Are You?
514Yes/No SelectorWhich emo band are you most like?
515Yes/No SelectorOne direction!
516Yes/No SelectorWhich Barenaked Ladies Member Are You?
517Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Glay are YOU?
518Yes/No SelectorWhat Instrument Should You Choose?
519Yes/No SelectorClassical Music Style Selector
520Yes/No SelectorSong That Fits You Best
521Yes/No SelectorTom Petty Song
522Yes/No SelectorWhich Emo/Post-punk band are you?
523Yes/No SelectorDon't Like Heavy Metal? Which band is best for you?
524Yes/No SelectorWhat is your overall superior instrument?
525Yes/No SelectorWhich guitar are you
526Yes/No SelectorWhich Hardcore band are you?
527Yes/No SelectorColor Me Manson
528Yes/No SelectorWhat Three Weeks Yesterday Member Are You?
529Yes/No SelectorWhat Once On This Island Character Are You?
530Yes/No SelectorWhich Kittie Are You?
531Yes/No SelectorPhantom Of The Opera
532Yes/No SelectorWhich STD band member are you?
533Yes/No SelectorThe Which TMBG ''Particle Man'' Character Are you? Selector
534Yes/No SelectorWhich Instrument Are You?
535Yes/No Selectorwhich ayumi LOVEppears song are you?
536Yes/No SelectorPersonality Types
537Yes/No SelectorWhich WANG member are you?
538Yes/No SelectorWhich Heather are you?
539Yes/No Selectorhighschool stereotypes
540Yes/No SelectorI'm so Goth...right?
541Yes/No SelectorWhat Something Corporate song are you?
542Yes/No SelectorWhich Linkin Park Song fits you the most?
543Yes/No SelectorWhich Good Charlotte Boy Are YOU?
544Yes/No SelectorGorillaz
545Yes/No SelectorWhat kind of Metalhead are you?
546Yes/No SelectorWhat Goth Band Am I?
547Yes/No Selectorwot xmas cd shall you listen to?
548Yes/No SelectorWhat Capabone Are You?
549Yes/No Selectorwhich STRUB MAN are you part 2 (longer)
550Yes/No SelectorThe Dream Street Song Selector
551Yes/No SelectorWho is your Good Charlotte soul mate?
552Yes/No SelectorWhat's your Godsmack anthem?
553Yes/No SelectorWhich member of False Appearance are you Most Like?
554Yes/No Selectorhow emo are you?
555Yes/No SelectorApocalyptic Song Selector
556Yes/No Selectorfav. music
557Yes/No SelectorMusic
558Yes/No SelectorWhich Backstreet Boy do u think is Gay?
559Yes/No Selectorhow punk rock are you?
560Yes/No SelectorWhat Band/Singer are you?
561Yes/No SelectorWhich stringed instrument are you?
562Yes/No SelectorWhich song are you?
563Yes/No Selectorwhich depresses rock song are you?
564Yes/No SelectorWhich Nirvana Song Are You?
565Yes/No SelectorWhich Heavy Metal Album is Right for You?
566Yes/No SelectorWhich song are you?
567Yes/No SelectorWhich American Idol finalist are you?
568Yes/No SelectorWhich Finch song are you?
569Yes/No SelectorWhat Rock Star Are You
570Yes/No SelectorWho is your Good Charlotte match?
571Yes/No SelectorWhich Orgy Member Are You?
572Yes/No SelectorWhich Member Of Distophia Are YOU?
573Yes/No SelectorBluegrass Intrument
574Yes/No SelectorPiano assesment
575Yes/No SelectorAre you a drummer
576Yes/No SelectorWhich of Eurydice's favourite musical artists' are you?
577Yes/No Selectorband instrument for you
578Yes/No Selectorpunk bands
579Yes/No SelectorWho Member Selector
580Yes/No SelectorWhat member of a band would you be?
581Yes/No SelectorWhich Pillows song are you?
582Yes/No SelectorWich Glay guy for U?
583Yes/No SelectorHow Tr00 are YOU?
584Yes/No SelectorNirvana
585Yes/No Selector~Moonchild~
586Yes/No SelectorThe Leeking Koolaid Personality Test
587Yes/No SelectorWhat Tea Party Song Most Suits You?
588Yes/No SelectorWhat type of music do you really like?
589Yes/No SelectorWho are you more like in the Greenday band
590Yes/No Selectorwhich mindless self indulgence cracker are you?
591Yes/No SelectorWho Is Your Inner Dive?
592Yes/No SelectorWhat American Junior are YOU?
593Yes/No SelectorWoodwind selector
594Yes/No SelectorWhat instrument are you?
595Yes/No Selectorwhat cd are you
596Yes/No SelectorWhich Vine are you?
597Yes/No SelectorWhat Type of Music are you?
598Yes/No Selectorwhich korn song (off of s/t) r u?
599Yes/No SelectorWhat style of music are you?
600Yes/No SelectorWhich indietabs.net staff member are you most like?
601Yes/No SelectorWhat Kind of Band Instrument Would You Be?
602Yes/No SelectorWhat Punk and Irish Band Are You?
603Yes/No SelectorAre you a REAL Tool fan??
604Yes/No SelectorJ-pop or K-pop
605Yes/No SelectorDrumline Position Selector
606Yes/No SelectorTesoro Dance Guard Test
607Yes/No SelectorWhich instrument is your arch enemy?
608Yes/No SelectorWhich AI Contestant Are You?
609Yes/No SelectorWhIcH gReEn DaY s0nG aRe YoU?
610Yes/No Selectorwhich backstreet boy are you?
611Yes/No SelectorWhich Donna Are You?
612Yes/No SelectorWhich Madonna Persona Are You?
613Yes/No SelectorWhich Pink Floyd Album Are You?
614Yes/No SelectorRetard-O-Bot 2000
615Yes/No SelectorHebe World
616Yes/No SelectorWhich COMIC BOOK HEROES member are you most like?
617Yes/No SelectorMetal God Test
618Yes/No SelectorAre You J-rock Obcessed?
619Yes/No SelectorWhich Kindergarten Cop are you?
620Yes/No SelectorWhich Todd Goes Mainstream member are you?
621Yes/No SelectorSt. Andrews RockSoc: a womans guide to her perfect RockSoc partner
622Yes/No SelectorWhich Cult Folkie are You?
623Yes/No SelectorEmo Quiz
624Yes/No SelectorWhat type of band should you be in?
625Yes/No Selectorbardock666/Spawn666's quiz on what music best describes you?
626Yes/No SelectorPunk Bands
627Yes/No SelectorHow Obssessed Are You About Michael Crawford?
628Yes/No Selectorthe all great Marching Band quiz
629Yes/No SelectorWhich funky cat are you?
630Yes/No SelectorWho are you?- Morning Musume?
631Yes/No SelectorCheyne- A quiz
632Yes/No SelectorWhich member of the DR trombone section are you?
633Yes/No SelectorWhich heavy metal band are you?
634Yes/No SelectorWhich YMGH Member Are You
635Yes/No Selectormalice mizer
636Yes/No SelectorWhich Front Man/Woman Are You?
637Yes/No SelectorWho are you,,?
638Yes/No SelectorMarching Band Instrument Test
639Yes/No SelectorWhich Choking Oatmeal Song Is Your Anthem?
640Yes/No SelectorWhich Orgy member is most like you?
641Yes/No SelectorWhich rap artist are you?
642Yes/No SelectorHow emo are you?
643Yes/No SelectorWhich Misfit Are You?
644Yes/No SelectorWhat Band Instrument Is For You
645Yes/No Selectorwhich member of dir en grey are you?
646Yes/No SelectorATL Radio Station Selector
647Yes/No SelectorWhat Band are you?
648Yes/No SelectorWhat Is Your Inner Music Style?
649Yes/No SelectorThe Backstreet Matchmaker
650Yes/No SelectorWhich Classic Song Are You?
651Yes/No SelectorWhich stereotypical, unity hindering punk scene label are you?
652Yes/No SelectorHow do you fit into the Independent Music Scene?
653Yes/No SelectorWhich member of Deh Masterb8ers are you?
654Yes/No SelectorKorn member selector
655Yes/No SelectorIf You Were One Of Sue's Favorite Bands, Which One Would You Be?
656Yes/No SelectorOrgy Band Members
657Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Bad Onion are You?
658Yes/No SelectorPWF Metal Quiz
659Yes/No SelectorWhat type of music are you?
660Yes/No SelectorWhich Seven Nations member are you?
661Yes/No SelectorDoug's Bands
662Yes/No SelectorWhat's your music style?
663Yes/No Selectorwhich rocksoc band are you?
664Yes/No SelectorWhich Member of Therogy Am I?