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  1. Jedah; The Lord of the Vampire

  2. BB Hood; Beautiful Bounty Hunter

  3. Q-Bee; The Ghastly Insect

  4. Lillith; Lost Child of the Lust

  5. Demitri Maximov; Prince of Darkness

  6. Morrigan Aensland; Mistress of the Nig

  7. Anakaris; Pharaoh for the Crypt

  8. Victor Von Gerdenheim; Electric Powerh

  9. Lord Raptor; Evil Entertainer

  10. Hsien-Ko; Doomed Apparition

  11. Jon Talbain; Howling Madness

  12. Felicia; Fearsome Feline

  13. Rikuo; Aquatic Daredevil

  14. Sasquatch; Mountain Behemoth

  15. Bishamon; Ancient Accursed Warrior

  16. Donavan; Fatal Hunter

  17. Pyron; Ruler of the Universe

  18. Huitzil; Killer Machine

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