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  1. Shiraha Kurilu (Good guy, protagonist

  2. Ki Kanbasu (Villain, ultra-manipulator

  3. Hake Bosabosa (Huge, cute former slave

  4. Majikku Inku (Reserved, annoyed impost

  5. Shiraha Yamero (Eccentric but powerful

  6. Ki Doreen (Villain, queen and mother)

  7. Devo ("Holy man" and murderer)

  8. Pantera (Powerful, cute and psychopaaa

  9. Madonna (Self sufficient feminazi)

  10. Oops Derkins (Ultra-fangirlish shoujo

  11. Leene (A normal girl in an abnormal wo

  12. Katter (Mischevious but helpful ghost)

  13. Life (Bitchy ultra-powerful deity)

  14. Sprite (He's got power, magic and mone

  15. Raven Wordmage (Switzerland with Nukes

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