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  1. Scott Summers (Cyclops)

  2. Warren Worthinton III (Angel)

  3. Bobby Drake (Iceman)

  4. Hank McCoy (Beast)

  5. James Howlet (Wolverine)

  6. Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

  7. Charles Xavier (Professor X)

  8. Sean Cassidy (Banshee)

  9. Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)

  10. Jonathan Starsmore (Chamber)

  11. James Proudstar (Warpath)

  12. Neal Shaara (Thunderbird)

  13. Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

  14. Alex Summers (Havok)

  15. Shiro Yashida (Sunfire)

  16. Longshot

  17. Sam Guthrie (Cannonball)

  18. Roberto DaCosta (Sunspot)

  19. Nathan Christopher Summers (Cable)

  20. Lucas Bishop (Bishop)

  21. Douglas Ramsey (Cypher)

  22. Gaveedra Seven (Shatterstar)

  23. Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

  24. Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man)

  25. Guido Carrosella (Strong Guy)

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