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  1. Squire-a common swordsmen

  2. Chemist-specialize in items

  3. Knight-master swordsmen

  4. Archer-specialize in long range battle

  5. Monk-a fist fighter,NO weapons

  6. Priest-specialize in white magic

  7. Wizard-specialize in black magic

  8. Time mage-specialize in time magic

  9. summon-specialize in summoning monster

  10. Thief-steals equipment and confuse ene

  11. Mediator-a fighter that also specializ

  12. Oracle-specialize in status effects su

  13. Geomancer-specialize in elemental powe...

  14. Mime-copies others abilites

  15. Lancer-a spear wielding worrior who sp

  16. Samurai-a powerful worrior who wields

  17. Ninja-a fighter who specialize in spee

  18. Calculater-a person who wields extreem

  19. Bard-a magical singer that sings to pu

  20. Dancer-a worrior that depends a footwo...

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