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  1. The 1st Doctor

  2. The 2nd Doctor

  3. The 3rd Doctor

  4. The 4th Doctor

  5. The 5th Doctor

  6. The 6th Doctor

  7. The 7th Doctor

  8. The 8th Doctor

  9. The Master, The Monk , or The Rani

  10. President Borusa, or The War Chief

  11. Davros

  12. The Cybercontroller

  13. Sil or Sabalon Glitz

  14. Chang Lee, Turlough , Leela, or Ace

  15. Adric, Melanie Bush, Kamelion, or K-9

  16. Susan Foreman, Nyssa, or Zoe Harriot

  17. Steven Taylor, Jamie McCrimmon, Katari

  18. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart , Sgt. Jo

  19. Dodo Chaplet, Vicki, or Victoria Water

  20. Romana 1 or 2

  21. Sarah Jane Smith, Jo Grant, Polly Wrig

  22. Ian Chesterton, or Barbara Wright

  23. Mike Yates , or Sara Kingdom

  24. Harry Sullivan, Liz Shaw, or Grace Hol

  25. Rassilon, or Omega

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