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  1. Ted Bundy
  2. Richard Ramirez
  3. Albert Desalvo
  4. Albert Fish
  5. Henry Lee Lucas
  6. Ed Gein
  7. Jeffrey Dahmer
  8. Arthur Shawcross
  9. H.H. Holmes
  10. John Wayne Gacy
  11. Wayne Williams
  12. Joseph Kallinger
  13. Ian Brady
  14. Paul Bernardo
  15. Dennis Nilsen
  16. Robert Hansen
  17. Joseph Franklin
  18. Peter Sutcliffe
  19. Jack the Ripper
  20. Zodiac Killer
  21. Herb Mullin
  22. Ed Kemper
  23. Juan Corona
  24. Harold Shipman
  25. Andrei Chikatilo
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