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  1. 'Minority' Green Day
  2. 'Fat Lip' Sum 41
  3. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Nirvana
  4. 'Crawling in the Dark' Hoobastank
  5. 'Santaria' Sublime
  6. 'The Middle' Jimmy Eat World
  7. 'First Date' Blink-182
  8. 'Seein' Red' Unwritten Law
  9. 'Nice to Know You' Incubus
  10. 'Wish You Were Here' Incubus
  11. 'How You Remind Me' Nickelback
  12. 'Stay Together for the Kids' Blink-1
  13. 'Smooth Criminal' Alien Ant Farm
  14. 'Same in the End' Sublime
  15. 'Youth of the Nation' P.O.D.
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