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  1. We3 (Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

  2. Inhumans (Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee Mar

  3. Leave it to Chance (James Robinson and

  4. Daredevil (series by Brian Michael Ben

  5. Starman (series by James Robinson, Ton

  6. Preacher (series by Garth Ennis and St

  7. Seaguy (miniseries by Grant Morrison a

  8. She Hulk (series by Dan Slott publishe

  9. Cage (miniseries by Brian Azzarello an

  10. My Faith in Frankie (miniseries by Mik

  11. Its a Bird (graphic novel by Steven T.

  12. Maus (Graphic novel by Art Spiegelman)

  13. Runaways (series by Brian K. Vaughan a

  14. Superman: Red Son (miniseries by Mark

  15. Watchmen (maxiseries by Alan Moore and

  16. X-Force/X-Statix (series by Peter Mill

  17. Meridian (series by Barbara Kesel, Jos

  18. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (ser...

  19. Transmetropolitan (series by Warren El...

  20. Hard Time (Hellblazer story arc by Bri

  21. All His Engines (Hellblazer graphic no

  22. Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (graphic no

  23. The Ultimates (series by mark Millar a

  24. Animal Man (series by Grant Morrison, ...

  25. Marvel Boy (miniseries by Grant Morris

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