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  1. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

  2. Scott Summers/Cyclops

  3. Logan/Wolverine

  4. Bruce Banner/The Hulk

  5. Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

  6. Ben Grimm/The Thing

  7. Magneto

  8. Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom

  9. Frank Castle/The Punisher

  10. Steven Rogers/Captain America

  11. Charles Xavier/Proffesor X

  12. Jonothon Starsmore/Chamber

  13. Eddie Brock/ Venom

  14. En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse

  15. Victor Creed/Sabertooth

  16. Mathew Murdock/Daredevil

  17. Cletus Kasady/Carnage

  18. Jean Grey

  19. Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

  20. Galactus: Devourer of Worlds

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