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  1. Transformers' Optimus Primal

  2. Transformers' Megatron

  3. Transformers' Rhinox

  4. Transformers' Rattrap

  5. Transformers' Cheetor

  6. Transformers' Black Arachnia

  7. Transformers' Silverbolt

  8. Transformers' Dinobot

  9. Transformers' Inferno

  10. Transformers' Triantulos

  11. Transformers' Tigertron

  12. Transformers' Airazor

  13. Transformers' Scoponok

  14. Transformers' Terrisaur

  15. Transformers' Waspinator

  16. Transformers' Ravage

  17. Transformers' Rampage

  18. Transformers' Depth Charge

  19. Transformers' Transmutate

  20. Transformers' Quickstrike

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