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  1. Rincewind

  2. Twoflower

  3. Mustrum Ridcully

  4. Ponder Stibbons

  5. Genghis Cohen

  6. Bursar

  7. Death

  8. Susan Sto Helit

  9. Samuel Vimes

  10. Carrot Ironfoundersson

  11. Angua von Uberwald

  12. Nobby Nobbs

  13. Detritus

  14. Fred Colon

  15. Mister Teatime

  16. Lady Sybil Rankin

  17. Granny Weatherwax

  18. Nanny Ogg

  19. Magrat Garlick

  20. Agnes Nitt

  21. Lord Vetinari

  22. Leonard de Quirm

  23. Vorbis

  24. Lao Tse

  25. Gaspode

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