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  1. Katniss- Active, great hand eye coordi

  2. Peeta- giving, good with words, funny,

  3. Cinna- nice, fashionable, Katniss's fr

  4. Haymitch- Katniss's mentor

  5. President Snow- A mean king of Panem

  6. Effie- A polite, orderly person

  7. Greasy Sae- a trader on the black mark

  8. Caesar Flickerman- A funny talk show h

  9. Foxface- Clever tribute

  10. Marven- kills rue

  11. Rue- Katniss's ally

  12. Thresh- Powerful strong tribute

  13. Prim- Katniss's sister

  14. Seneca Crane- head hunger games maker

  15. Katniss's Mom- self explanatory

  16. Gale- Katniss's friend and hunting bud

  17. Portia- Peeta's stylist

  18. Octavia- One of the people in Katniss'

  19. Flauvius- One of the people in Katniss

  20. Glimmer- A tribute stung by mutated wa

  21. Cato- A strong evil tribute

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