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  1. Adoptive Muscle Memory- if you can see

  2. Clairvoyance- you can see anyone you t

  3. Empathic Mimicry- you copy the abiliti

  4. Super Memory- never forget

  5. Flight- like a bird

  6. Cryokinesis- generate ice from hands,

  7. Healing- the ability to heal yourself

  8. Illusion- people see what you want the

  9. Induced Radioactivity- generate radiat

  10. Invisibility- canít be seen

  11. Lightning- generate electricity from y

  12. Phasing- walking through walls

  13. Mental Manipulation- negate the abilit

  14. Precognition- see the future

  15. Rapid Cell Regeneration- heal from any

  16. Space-Time Manipulation- bending time

  17. Super Strength- kinda self explanatory

  18. Telekinesis- moving stuff with your mi

  19. Telepathy- reading minds and bending t

  20. Technopathy- talking to computers (and

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